Google's life-extension venture is part of a strategy to lock-in the best talent

Google's life-extension venture is part of a strategy to lock-in the best talent

Summary: The head of hiring at Google says that engineers might never need to leave the company...

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Imagine if you had a choice: work at a company for a decent salary and benefits, or work at a company with decent salary, benefits, and the opportunity to live longer?

The latter offer is the one that Google will eventually be able to make thanks to its investment in life extending technologies venture Calico. And it has said that such a job offer is possible.

Earlier this year I attended a Commonwealth Club event focused on the strategies local tech companies use to attract top talent.

Representatives from Google, Twitter, and Cisco Systems spoke about their recruitment tactics and the perks and other incentives they use to get, and retain, the talent they need. Doug MacMillan, reporter for Bloomberg BusinessWeek moderated the panel: Melissa Daimler, Head of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning, at Twitter; Rowan Trollope, Senior VP and GM of Collaboration Technology Group, at Cisco Systems; and Todd Carlisle, Director of Staffing at Google.

Mr. Carlisle said, what if where you worked resulted in you being able to live a lot longer? "You might never leave the company," he said.

It is the ultimate work benefit, more valuable than free gourmet lunches, or free rides to work.

And the value of a highly talented software engineer is greater the greater your platform. Because their work is easily scaled across the entire platform.

If life extension technologies mean that Google can hire the best engineers in the world then it is worth it, because in addition to being able to scale their work the most efficiently across its global platform — the competition doesn't have them.

Google keeps a lot of engineers "on the bench" simply to deny them to competitors.

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  • Google's ought to be Plan B

    Google is now working on a brain/computer interface chip, so would have a leg up on creating a full body prosthesis in case Calico doesn't come up with a longevity treatment in time. I want a Plan B in case SENS hasn't matured by the time I die. Living life as a cyborg until we have the technology to grow me a new body.
  • The Calico Alternative

    Instead of Calico, the wiser investment for significant life extension (perhaps ~20%) is a company called Full Genomes Corp.

    They are on the verge of launching a $999 Full Y Genome Test. This will mark the 1st time a sub $1K test of this kind is available. Learn more about the Y Chromosome and how it rots / deteriotes here:

    Full Genomes Corp. also has some excellent PhD BioTech scientific advisors knowledgeable about telomere regenesis to control / slow down aging.

    Read more: