Google's Megan Smith named the next US CTO

Google's Megan Smith named the next US CTO

Summary: The news confirms recent rumors that the VP of Google's top secret Google X research lab would take the reins for the nation's top tech position from current CTO Todd Park.

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The White House announced Thursday that Megan Smith will serve as the next chief technology officer of the United States, confirming recent rumors that the VP of Google's top secret Google X research lab would take the reins for the nation's top tech position from current CTO Todd Park.

Smith has held various high-level leadership roles at Google, and in her tenure is credited with leading major platform acquisitions such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Picasa. Prior to Google, Smith served as CEO of PlanetOut, an online community focused on the LGBT community.

President Obama commented on Smith's appointment in a prepared statement:

Megan has spent her career leading talented teams and taking cutting-edge technology and innovation initiatives from concept to design to deployment. I am confident that in her new role as America’s Chief Technology Officer, she will put her long record of leadership and exceptional skills to work on behalf of the American people. I am grateful for her commitment to serve, and I look forward to working with her and with our new Deputy U.S. CTO, Alexander Macgillivray, in the weeks and months ahead.

In her new role leading nation's information-technology efforts, Smith will guide the Obama administration in IT-related policy initiatives – or as John Holdren, assistant to the President for science and technology, put it in the offical announcent, she will work to "accelerate attainment of the benefits of advanced information and communications technologies across every sector of the economy and aspect of human well-being."

Also announced was that Alexander Macgillivray will serve as Deputy US CTO.

Macgillivray most recently served as general counsel and head of public policy at Twitter, but in his new role the practicing developer and coder will manage a wide-ranging portfolio that includes Internet policy, intellectual property policy, and the intersection of big data, technology, and privacy.


Topics: Google, Government

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  • Bad Idea

    Google's "Be Very Bad" now official US policy.
  • Google's Megan Smith named the next US CTO

    Don't like this at all. Google is known for spying on its users and now that they have one of their own planted in the government you can imagine what will happen next. You will also see them going to a more Google oriented infrastructure and if that happens you will be seeing parts of the government closing down after 6 months of use.
    • What else could you possibly expect?

      The US government is just a subsidiary of Corporate America Inc. Each and every member of the administration and each and every congressperson is bought and paid for by scummy mega-corporations that collude to fix prices and kill competition. They have even stopped calling this country a "democracy", which is now a bad word synonymous with Socialist Canadians (or Europeans.)
  • Calm down folks

    They hired a person, not a Google. She's going to do what her new employer wants, not what her old employer did.

    That's why Yahoo is still purple and hasn't closed itself down - the former Googler in charge is now a devoted Yahoo. Employees change hands all the time in capitalism economies. Nothing to see here.
  • Yet more proof...

    ....that the US government is nothing but a puppet of scummy mega-corporations.