Google's new Chromebook - pretty as a Pixel

Google's new Chromebook - pretty as a Pixel

Summary: The Chromebook just got pumped up with an aluminum case, 2560 x 1700 resolution display that competes with the famous Retina Display, and a touchscreen.

TOPICS: Google, Laptops

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  • Pixel’s display has a 0.55mm layer of Gorilla Glass that is fused directly to the display. It gives high picture clarity, rich colors, and a 178° viewing angle.

  • Glass touchpad

    The Google Pixel has a backlight keyboard that dims when watching a video and reacts to a room's lighting. It also has a touchpad that's made of textured glass.

  • Google says Pixel's lightbar is there to be cool.

Topics: Google, Laptops

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  • what does the touchscreen do?

    more than app bash?

    wacom pen?
    • Following the Apple Philosophy

      Take shit and make it look good. But it's still shit.
  • I am sure this is a nice machine, but...

    ...usually the most appealing thing about a Chromebook is the low price, so I do not see a big market for this.
    • Install a real OS on it...

      Put Windows 8 or even Ubuntu and you may be on to something. Upgrade the skimpy ssd.
      • Windows? Are you nuts?

        Windows jumped the shark with Vista and while the stability is coming back I'd rather use DOS than the Aero shell. I spent 25 years making great money coding for Windows and now I do iOS and Mac. The Vista --> 8 series are complete junk.

        I can only wonder why Google is coming out with a laptop. The only reason I have a MacBook is as a dev box and I gave my Vaio to the maid. I do think ChromeOS is a good idea, but not at this price.
        Chris Fox
  • Good for nothing....

    Useless device.
    • Good for nothing...

      Useless paid Microsoft shill.
  • Whats the point of a good process?

    I mean why would I buy a $1200 chromebook when it cant do anything that the $200 cant do either?!??!

    Am I missing something?
    • Why buy a $1400 ultrabook

      When you can get one that is able to do the same for $300?
    • There is nothing wrong with the price when you have choices

      You can get wrist watches for under 50$ and there are Rolexes or even more expensive watches. You don't have to buy a Rolex when you only want to know the time.
      The low end prices of chromebooks have gone down recently while the netbook class of Windows PC's has been killed and Apple devices are always high priced.
      Although I wouldn't buy one for myself, for the chromeos cloud ecosystem the Pixel is an enrichment.
  • Pixel

    Nice looking machine, but what can you run on it besides the web browser? Can I still run Office and Excel? (I think the answer to that is "no").

    Expensive paperweight.
    Max Peck
    • in general I admit

      that google is a messy company... they had a clean company in the beginning... then they start to want more... so the search now is vicious and for the knowledgeable people you know what i mean... i left gmail a long time ago with all the crazy and not consistent ideas in everything from calendar, contacts, mail in the interface and behavior (imap example)... they are shooting in the dark and this product is one more thing about the same...
  • i bought MBP for it's perfectly engineered hardware and OSX(also win7 )

    but no reason for this short battery life, insufficient storage hardware. even the high resolution display, what is it for?
  • I'd buy one if...

    I had the money. But the rent is higher priority this year!
    • Why No Money? Maybe You Waste it When You Have it?

      Perfect example of a waste. $1300 for a Toy.
  • I'm missing something here!

    I've seen ZDnet writers knocking MS product for being to dear for what they can do.
    Here we see a very expensive "Dumb Terminal" and they seem to think it's OK. As for the looks, not bad but I've seen better from both Apple (which I don't buy) and from Windows Notebooks, ultra books and hybrids.
    Seems to be at very least an expensive experiment!
    • The Author Never Said it Was OK

      The Author had nothing good or bad to say.
      His mother probably taught him if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all. There is certainly nothing good to say about a Google product.
    • Correction, The Author Called it a Toy.

      Fair assessment.
  • Google's new Chromebook - pretty as a Pixel

    "The new toy"

    You just described it perfectly. I don't see it being anything other than a toy for some Google employees to play with. They must be getting bored with the current set of toys scattered throughout the Google campus.
    • Surprise surprise

      thought i'd find you here, wouldn't miss the opportunity for another personal, desperate little smear campaign, would you?