Great smartphone photography is about more than just the camera

Great smartphone photography is about more than just the camera

Summary: Microsoft recently partnered with the folks at We Are Juxt to challenge them to capture photos with the Nokia Lumia 920. The results are pretty amazing and inspiring with tips and tricks you can use to improve your photo experiences.

Great smartphone photography is about more than just the camera
(Image: Nokia)

I don't carry a point and shoot camera and rely on my smartphone for photos, probably more than I really should. Last month we read that the Chicago Sun-Times fired its photographer and I agreed with statements that great photos are about more than just having a camera available.

Great photography requires practice, skill, and proper technique and can indeed be performed with cameras on smartphones. Microsoft recently partnered with the folks at We Are Juxt to engage in a Windows Phone challenge where Nokia Lumia 920 devices were used exclusively to capture photos and showcase the results.

As you can see in the Flickr library these photographers were able to capture some amazing images using the Nokia Lumia 920. After viewing these photos, my feeling that great photography is more than just the camera was confirmed.

To help those of us who want to improve on our ability to capture good photos with our camera phones, you can find several tips for Windows Phone articles on the We Are Juxt site. One of my favorites is this tutorial that shows how to edit a shot with various applications available on WP. BTW, one of my favorite Windows Phone photo applications is Camera360, available for free.

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  • Re: great photos are about more than just having a camera available

    Yes, and not all photos are made to be presented in a tiny size online or on computer screen.

    Photography is about capturing light and smartphone cameras are just too short of optics and sensor dynamics. Nothing is simple, though...

    An good photographer, at the right moment can take impressive photo with just about any camera. The same photographer with better camera might take much better phone of the same scene. Considering that life is short -- why should one waste the precious moments with mediocre tools, when better tools are available?

    On the other side, the best camera is one that is available when the moment comes.
    • Agreed, danbi

      Photography is also about composition, framing, subject matter, maybe even creative focal points or filters, and as you had mentioned, understanding and capturing light at the right moment.

      Ansel Adams took some beautiful pictures early on in his career with cameras that pale in comparison to many of today’s smartphones cameras.
      William Farrel
    • Yeah right.

      First of all, I am very well versed with a camera in my hand... I have had Nikon and Canon professional bodies and professional glass as well. Yes I know how to use it and I know how the meter works.

      But, your boneheaded claim about cellphone cameras is flat out wrong. When I reach for a lens I am more likely to grab a wide angle than a telephoto because the wife's have way more character.

      For Cellphones, I know people who use a smartphone cam along side their DSLR in their professional photography businesses.
      • huh

        What was your point, except to make a claim that I am wrong (for whatever)? Would be interested to learn what is wrong with my assertion that mobile phone cameras are pathetic.

        You are very well versed.. so am I (over 35 years with camera). So are millions of people.
        I am, frankly not interested in your wife :)
        • Your statement was incorrect

          What do you not understand danbi?

          Clearly you have no understanding or technique because in the right circumstances a phone camera can be more than sufficient to capture the best available shot. I don't claim they are equal to a dslr but that doesn't equate to them being "pathetic". Of course if you only press the shutter button and have no real understanding of what you're doing, as your comments show, you will make uninformed statements that make you look foolish. Keep it up though, it is entertaining to read when you venture out from "apple is great".
          Little Old Man
  • Why are they still on the 920?

    If this is a US thing, the 928 is out. If it is a world wide thing, the 925 supposedly has better optics than the 920 or 928. I realize the 925 just launched and hasn't in some places. It just seems quite odd that the 920 is still front and center dispite not being the best anymore. Plus, EOS is seemingly around the corner. Seems like a brilliant idea that's either too early with the wrong product(s) or too late with the right one.
  • proud L920 owner

    The phone is just awesome
    Emmanuel Fransson
  • My 920 Powers My Photo Blog

    I started a phonetography blog that is 100% run by my Lumia 920. I take the pics with it, I edit using Fhotoroom and Fantasia and I manage the Wordpress blog ALL on the 920. I've been getting some good shots, but I need to venture out more to find better ones.
    • They are really good pictures

      Ram U
      • Thank you!

        Much appreciated!
  • Art is in the eye of the beholder

    These photo's definitely prove that. Some I would reject, others are purely a product of post-production work. I don't quite understand what you were trying to get out with this article? Even smartphones give you enough of a starting point to create something 'nice' in post-prod?
    Little Old Man