Great summer BBQ and grilling tech

Great summer BBQ and grilling tech

Summary: Jason Perlow gives you his picks for the best BBQ and grilling tech/accessories for the July 4th weekend and the summer ahead.


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  • Big Green Egg

    ($700+, Big Green Egg)

    For those of you who want the ultimate, most versatile outdoor cooker on the market, and for which nothing other than hardwood charcoal cooking will do, the best product on the market in my opinion is the Big Green Egg. As a new Egg owner, I've quickly become a convert.

    Hand made out of heavy, durable glazed Mexican Ceramic, the Big Green Egg is a "vessel" similar to an Indian tandoor oven.

    Capable of withstanding extreme heat in excess of 700 degrees for firing home-baked pizzas or doing outdoor wok cooking, or sustaining very low temperatures of 200 to 250 for BBQ smoking, the Egg is an extremely efficient cooking system. Because of its insulated 100 percent ceramic design, it only consumes a fraction of the hardwood charcoal fuel that other BBQ smokers and grills use.

    As a Big Green Egg owner, you may find yourself slow cooking ribs for 6 hours, only to realize that you have several hours more of cooking you can do, and then having to increase the airflow to grill up some steaks and burgers afterwards!

    Unlike the other products on this list, the Big Green Egg is not available for purchase on the internet. You'll need to hit the company's website and search for a local distributor to buy it from.



    Unlike the rest of the items in this list, is free. It's a social network for BBQ and grilling fans who want to document and track the progress of their cooks so that they can reproduce results and learn from their mistakes.

    BBQPad allows you to log pit and individual food temperatures at every stage of your cooking process, and upload photos along the way.

    The site is designed with a clean and efficient interface that allows for use on PC, tablet, and smartphone web browsers.

    Temperature histogram as shown on

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Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • Good Grill'n to you Jason

    I like the products you show but you forgot something:

    You gotta have good wood and charcoal to do it right ;)
    • Thanks

      for the charcoal link.
      • You are welcome

        They know what they are doing when it comes to grilling fuels.
  • Well hopefully...

    Jason, you might not get "grilled" for being a Microsoft tool for this post! Hehe...
    Happy Independence Day! "Pitmasters, start your fires!"
  • "Nothing beats the classic Weber"

    My classic Weber fell apart after a few years. That is, the steel burned through where the legs joined the kettle.

    I now have a stainless steel Barbecook Collosea Grill. It is easier and quicker to use, and uses less charcoal. So far, it "beats the classic Weber" .....
    • They Don't Make Webers Like They Used To

      I agree - Weber grills just don't last anymore. There are definitely better brands to buy. Thanks for your suggestion.
  • overpriced bling

    It's not technology, nor is it a technician. Humans have cooked for thousands of years without needing a computer to do the namby pamby too-difficult work-that-Americans-don't-want-to-do stuff...
  • Imagine of the usual tech companies were in on this

    What would you call the stuff? Easy to guess in some cases... Apple iGrill. Samsung Galaxy Grill? The GGrill? Microsoft Expression Grill Professional Home Ultimate? Oracle Grill Consulting Services? DropGrill?