Hackett passes Internode torch

Hackett passes Internode torch

Summary: Internet service provider Internode has undergone a substantial reorganisation of its management team, with founder and managing director Simon Hackett taking on help in the form of a new CEO.


Internet service provider Internode has undergone a substantial reorganisation of its management team, with founder and managing director Simon Hackett taking on help in the form of a new CEO.

Simon Hackett
(Credit: Internode)

Former group GM Patrick Tapper has been appointed chief executive of the company, while Hackett will remain managing director.

Tapper joined Internode in 1998 from the media and entertainment industry, having worked in Greater Union Village Roadshow Group and EMI music.

Former financial controller Sean Habgood has been singled out for the newly created role of CFO. His former role has been handed to staffer Bruce Davy.

Habgood has been working within Internode for four years, of which two were spent within the financial controller role.

Pat Tapper
(Credit: Internode)

Tapper said the company would also be on the market for a chief information officer.

The CEO said the restructure was planned to accelerate the company's growth rate as the broadband market plateaued over the next 18 months. "We are broadening our management skill set to manage the transition to delivering a range of value-added broadband services," he said in a statement.

Hackett intended to keep a firm hold on the company's strategy and relationships with external parties. "My role will continue to be setting and maintaining our strategic direction through working with Pat Tapper as CEO and managing our relationships with external parties including the Government, the ACCC and our partners in Terria," he said.

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  • Changes at internode

    As a long time retail customer of internode it is hard not to feel a little trepidation at changes within node. For many of us Internode is a bit like the old corner store operator. Local, excellent personal service, boss available most of the time (thru whirlpool at least) and friendly. you can just hear them gearing up to corporate excellence Just hope that doesn't mean immanent sale, distance from customers etc etc. Hope not.
  • Simon Crackett is Phil Burgess in disguise

    Two crackpots who talk a lot of B.S. difference is Simon just can't handle the job and stepped down.
  • Wimp

    I don't think I can agree with you less, Anonymous.

    In the interests of disclosure, I am an Internode customer. I made a choice to go with them for one main reason - they have a local (unmetered) Linux and download mirror.

    From what I have seen of Simon Hackett from correspondence direct from Internode to his interaction with people on Whirlpool, he has consistently been trying to lead the internet industry in Australia in the face of however Telstra tries to stop him. I have nothing but respect for his positions; he explains them very well. This includes supporting IPv6. What other ISP does this yet?

    I do not think, for one second, that Simon Hackett and his team are not capable of running an ISP properly. In fact, I think they are the *only* ones that are fully capable of running a fully featured ISP. I think that Simon has been running Internode for the last decade or so and he wants some time for hiamself and his family now, so he is handing over the reins to the next generation.

    Having Simon still being involved in Internode's business makes me quite happy.