Hadoop on your PC: Cloudera's CDH4 virtual machine

Hadoop on your PC: Cloudera's CDH4 virtual machine

Summary: Want to learn Hadoop without building your own cluster or paying for cloud resources? Then download Cloudera's Hadoop distro and run it in a virtual machine on your PC. I'll show you how.

TOPICS: Big Data

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  • After logging in to Hue, its browser-based user interface for Hive, called Beeswax, comes up by default.  Beeswax allows you to enter SQL (well, technically, HiveQL) queries and see the results.  You can also save queries, upload files, edit Hive's settings, or create user-defined functions.

  • Used to a file system GUI?  Don't feel like typing commands like "lsr" and "mkdir" at the shell prompt?  Never fear, because Hue's browser-based HDFS user interface is here.  Just click the file cabinet icon in Hue's toolbar to get there.

    Shown above is Hive's root folder.  Clicking on the "warehouse" link would let you view the files which are queryable as tables in Hive.

  • Click the Job Designer icon (4th from the left in Hue's toolbar), then the Create Mapreduce Design button, and up comes a screen that lets you run a jar-based MapReduce job.  Give the job a name and a description, specify the jar file, add properties (parameters) and property values, then click Save.

    You'll be automatically redirected to the Job Designs screen where you can click the Submit button for the job design you just built.  You can also click the Create Streaming Design button to design a job whsoe mapper and reducer code is written in a language other than Java.

Topic: Big Data

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