Handicapping the potential WWDC '13 announcements

Handicapping the potential WWDC '13 announcements

Summary: Here's a list of what Apple could announce at WWDC on Monday and the odds of each becoming a reality.

Handicapping the WWDC '13 announcements - Jason O'Grady

Let's review some of the items that Apple could announce at WWDC on Monday in San Francisco. Below are each of the major possibilities and my estimation of the liklihood that it will be announced next week.

iOS 7 (100%) – Apple's announced major iOS releases at the last three WWDC conferences and 2013 won't break that pattern. iOS 7 has been spotted in server logs and Apple needs to release a major update to iOS to stay competitive with the increasingly competitive Android, Windows Phone and even the upstart Blackberry 10.

OS X 10.9 (100%) – While we might not know the name of Apple's next cat (my bet's on "Ocelot"), you can expect it to pounce at WWDC 2013. Like iOS, Apple has a history of previewing the next major OS X version at its developer conference (except for a hiatus at 2010) and the timing is right. 

iRadio (75%) – Apple is late to the already crowded music subscription party and it needs to put a horse in the race before Spotify, Rdio and Google run away with it. (Heck, even Twitter released a dark horse music service this year.) Apple pioneered digital music commerce and singlehanded rescued an industry from a death spiral, but Steve Jobs' stubborn insistence that people want to own their music put the company at a huge disadvantage. Apple might not have all of its label agreements in place by Monday but that hasn't stopped it before. Apple announced digital music, TV, movie and book services before it had all the major players on board and music subscriptions won't be any different. 

MacBooks (75%) – Intel just released new Haswell processors that are destined for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and they haven't been updated in 360 days, so they're definitely due for a refresh. Leaked model numbers all but confirm Apple notebook updates at WWDC. Rumors suggest that the MacBook Pro could get a slimmer case and faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi looks likely. Just don't expect a Retina MacBook Air just yet. 

Mac Pro (25%) – After a three year dry spell, Apple's professional Mac tower is easily the product most "due" for an upgrade. Apple uncharacteristically confirmed a redesigned Mac Pro for "later" in 2013, but June still leaves a half a year on the calendar. While WWDC would be a good audience of power users to announce the Mac Pro to, Intel's Ivy Bridge E processors aren't due until September, so it's a little too soon.

iWatch (10%) – Although there have been a flurry of rumors swirling around Apple's wrist-computer, the timing isn't right for iWatch. Even though Tim Cook finds wearables "incredibly interesting" and Apple has filed for a trademark on the term "iWatch," the hardware isn't ready for prime time. Some point to the wildly successful Pebble Kickstarter project as validation of the space, but it's only half-baked. While it's the product I most want to see at WWDC, Apple's entry into the wearable computing space isn't likely to debut on Monday. iWatch is a holiday-quarter product if there ever was one. 

iWork (10%) – iWork received its last major update in 2009, so it's more than due for a refresh. Apple's been hiring iWork engineers since February but I'm not convinced that they're working on the OS X version (the iOS apps get the lion's share of updates). Color me skeptical on iWork. 

So there you have my WWDC 2013 odds and predictions. Time to pull up a chair and see what unfolds on Monday.

What are your WWDC dreams and aspirations?

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  • My favourite.. OpenGL bump on OSX, and OpenGL ES bump on iOS

    Apple should want to bring better OpenGL ES (in form of 3.0) to its iOS. Since hardware is there, and Android will have it. Since ES 3.0 is mix of OpenGL 3.2 (already supported on OSX) and 3.3 (some support), they could "unify" OpenGL support by enabling at least OpenGL 3.3 on OSX.

    Alternatively they could go higher up, since some 4.0 extensions already work on OSX.

    (And that would negate a bit Mac vs next gen consoles, since right now Win and Lin are competetive against them, OSX is not)
    • And iConsole

      Apple already have some developer ecosystem (for casual games from iOS), and some atention from AAA developers (OSX is seen as 2nd platform after Win, that should be targeted).

      Apple thus could launch some platform with addional bonus of integration with iPhones, iTunes, whatever cloud services it could scrap, etc.

      However Apple can't show good graphic API's (since it insist on Apple made upper layer of gpu drivers, just like MS do for DX, but Apple laaaaggggg...)

      So maybe next WWDC
  • Boring

    Sean Foley
  • WWDC - why would dudes care?

    just catch up and adding I prefixes to everything.

    wow ac wifi and a slimmer case, alert the presses....................
    • "Dudes" don't care about much

      what with the haze of pot smoke rising up from their beards. Of course, developers invested in the Apple ecosystem may care.
  • Hmmm

    "...but Steve Jobs' stubborn insistence that people want to own their music put the company at a huge disadvantage."

    That it one interpretation.

    I'd say that people who want to own their music collection tend to be willing to spend a lot on it. People who want to listen to whatever is current, tend to expect to get it for free. Since Apple have an excellent business in selling music. It doesn't matter that much to apple if the free advertising based radio runs on a 3rd party app.

    "...the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and they haven't been updated in 360 days"

    Some haven't. The most recent was introduced in February 2013.

    "While it's the product I most want to see at WWDC, Apple's entry into the wearable computing space isn't likely to debut on Monday. iWatch is a holiday-quarter product if there ever was one."

    No conflict. Debut for the WWDC so that 3rd party developers can start producing apps. Launch for the holiday period.
    Henry 3 Dogg
    • People who want to own their music do NOT necessarily spend a lot on it

      For me it's a case of chance would be a fine thing! I seldom get to buy "the latest" because it's too expensive. BTST I tend not to support dead musicians; they don't need my money.
      Laraine Anne Barker
  • iPhone 5S?

    I'm planning to stay with my 4S until they raise the bar on the iPhone5 a bit. Any comment?
    Max Peck
    • iPhone 5S!

      It is my understanding that Apple expects most of its users to keep their phone for 2 or more years. I kept my 3GS for 3 years. I went from a 3GS to an iPhone 5. Most people who bought the 4S will wait for the iPhone 5S update (or beyond) ... iOS 6 is pretty good too.

      I bought my iPhone 5S after there was a "Maps" alternative. Apple Maps did work well for my cross country road trip.
      Bee Ryan
      • iPhone 3gs...

        I went from an iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Note II. My wife went from her 3GS to iPhone5 and when I set that up for her I made the Samsung decision. Unfortunately her iPhone5 was stolen recently and she then bought a Samsung 4. Maybe one day we will go back to iPhones but not for a while.
  • TV?

    If Apple are going to launch in this space, they need to do it NOW. The offerings of wave & talk to TVs is rapidly growing.

    An AppleTV that also plays iOS games could be good too. Perhaps using iPhones as the controllers, in order to lock in users to the Apple ecosystem?
    • Xbox one will own TV

      and you don't need to buy another tv

      smart TV's just look silly compared to xbox one
      • Will, that's the catch

        like most MS sheep, they always talk of a rosy future it only exists in their heads, where some MS product will take the market by storm
    • Dreaming?

      You are dreaming.
      Dewi Thompson
  • Updated Timecapsule

    With the addition of 802.11ac, I think they'll also drop in some sort of update to timecapsule and other networking products to add this capability to them. It'll be an afterthought and not a total re-design.
  • To know about apple

    I wants to know about apple ?
  • What the ...?

    Really? An article about what might happen? Really?
  • Bing?

    Bing is terrible
    Dewi Thompson