Hands-on: Logitech K480 Multi-Device keyboard lets you switch between OS use

Hands-on: Logitech K480 Multi-Device keyboard lets you switch between OS use

Summary: If you regularly switch between a PC or Mac, tablet, and smartphone then you might want to look at this new keyboard that lets you enter text on all of them with a simple flip of the switch.


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  • Logitech K480 retail package

    Regular readers know I am pretty device agnostic and like to test out and use all the mobile platforms. If you switch between more than one device and prefer to enter text via a hardware keyboard, then Logitech's new K480 Multi-Device Keyboard may be just what you are looking for.

    The keyboard is not made for just iPad usage and is not something you haul around with you. It is rather large and thick, with a slight angle down towards you, and is designed to be used at your desk. It has a hand dial on the left side that lets you switch between three connected Bluetooth devices while also having buttons designed for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android platforms.

    The keyboard is larger than I thought it would be when I pulled it out of the retail package, particularly in the thickness of it at 20 mm (0.79 inches). It seems that the thickness is there to provide for a rather deep slot that serves as the stand for your devices. The highlight yellow slot, present on the black keyboard model, let me fit my iPad Mini in landscape next to an HTC One M8 in portrait. My Surface Pro 3 was too long to fit, but I believe iPad Airs work in the slot as well.

    The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries that reportedly last for up to two years with heavy usage, defined as 2 million keystrokes per year. It is nice not having to worry about charging up another device.

    After opening it up and removing the battery protection slip, you press and hold either the 'i' or 'pc' button in the top right. The 'i' button is for connecting iOS and Mac OS devices while the 'pc" button lets you connect Windows, Chrome OS, and Android devices. Press and hold the button you choose for three seconds, a blue indicator light flashes, and then connect your device.

    On the far left, opposite these Bluetooth pairing buttons, is the Easy-Switch dial with the numbers 1, 2, and 3. You pair up to three devices, rotating the dial as you set them up, and then you can easily swap between the devices just by rotating the dial.

    I paired my Surface Pro 3 mounted in a Surface Dock (I typed up this post using the Logitech K480), Apple iPad Mini with Retina display, HTC One M8, and Moto X. All of them worked perfectly with each having some slightly different functionality with the keyboard.

    There are Windows, Mac OS, and Android apps for advanced keyboard functionality that you can install and setup if you want, but they are not needed for most functions. Some keys have gray labels for iOS or Mac OS functions, while others have white labels on gray circles for Windows use.

    I liked that an upper right button quickly captured screenshots on my Android phones and could see using this a lot for that function rather than funky double button presses. Volume can be controlled and you can perform some basic navigation with the four directional arrows. There is not trackpad so you will have to also tap on your screen or use a mouse for navigation. There are quite a few functions and shortcuts so you keyboard jockeys may enjoy discovering them all.

    The keys have good travel, but are also not silent. There is ample spacing and I was able to nearly match my ergonomic desktop keyboard pace. I did have a left Shift button that kept sticking in the down position, but if I bought this then I would exchange it for one that was not sticking.

    You can pick up the Logitech K480 for $49.99, which is pretty dang reasonable for a keyboard that can be used with a number of devices.

  • The K480 in black with yellow highlights

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  • Try the Logitech k810

    Logitech k810

    Can be paired with 3 devices via Bluetooth, and is able to switch which device it is sending data to with a single key stroke. There are 2 versions, one with the traditional PC key layouts and another with the Mac Key layouts. Both Keyboards work on both Mac and PC.

    Backlit keys
    Very portable
    rechargeable battery and very long battery life.
    Micro USB connection to recharge the battery.

    Now if they would only make a Logitech g700 mouse that can pair with multiple devices and switch with the click on a button.
  • AceOfClubs...

    "Now if they would only make a Logitech g700 mouse that can pair with multiple devices and switch with the click on a button."

    ...or have the mouse link to the keyboard, and thus automatically switch pointer destinations when the keyboard is switched!
  • Will the Surface Pro 3 sit in it?

    I see you connected it to the SP3 but it's not sitting in it. I'm looking for a keyboard that the SP3 can actually dock in. Will this work?
    • Check the width.

      It doesn't look like the SP would fit....Landscape wise.
  • Yet another staggered board ... why???

    Keyboards no longer have mechanical arms that jam underneath. It's time to eliminate the painful staggered layout that twists wrists unnaturally and makes you stretch too far to reach all the keys.

  • why didn't anyone think of this earlier!

    i can sense multi-device capabilities on all future bluetooth keyboards (and mice too??) going forward. Seems like a no brainer in this multi device era!
  • Cool, but ...

    Might consider picking one up. However, my PC kb has markings for both English and Hebrew and I do use both. The "kb"s on the Android display keys for the target language, whatever that might be. I assume this baby is English or maybe they will sell a bi-lingual-marked version outside of the U.S. To have little LED-arrays or LCD dots on the keys would make the thing too costly, otherwise, we would already see such things.

    This thing is bluetooth so will drain the phone's battery. But better without the wires which cause most Logitech's otherwise decent products to fail too quickly.
  • Should consider this!

    I bought it because I need a bluetooth keyboard to connect to all my devices. I am surprise it's so easy to connect and switch between my android and iOS devices. This is great as it is just simple and also save my desk space. I guess the extra depth and weight is to facilitate typing and also docking.