Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Summary: Google Glass is like a smartphone in your line of sight. While it may still in its infancy and early days of development, it still packs a lot of punch. Here's what it can do.

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"OK Glass:" Find me directions

2-google-8 (dragged)

You can ask Glass almost any question and if it is able to produce an "intelligent" response, it will display that. Failing that, it will display a web search result based on that query. 

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In this example, it knows who "Barack Obama" is and displays his photo and a short bio, while reading it aloud through the bone-conducting speaker that rests close to the user's right temple.

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By integrating with Google intelligent search results, Glass can translate real world text on the fly, seek out flight details based on your email inbox, check the weather in another country, and even read out the time. 


In this case, by simply asking "what time it is" in a certain place will read out a result through your bone-conducting speaker.

8-time-40 (dragged)

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