Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Summary: Google Glass is like a smartphone in your line of sight. While it may still in its infancy and early days of development, it still packs a lot of punch. Here's what it can do.

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"OK Glass:" Find me directions

3-directions-redo-23 (dragged)

One of the most common features of Glass is being able to find directions by walking, public transit, or car. 

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Connecting to your smartphone's cellular connection and GPS but using its in-built compass, you can walk around almost anywhere and see from an aerial map view.

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Tell Glass your destination and it will tell you how long it will take and offer step-by-step directions. If you spin around, Glass will show you on the map which direction you are facing — which is particularly handy when exiting subway stations.


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