Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Summary: Google Glass is like a smartphone in your line of sight. While it may still in its infancy and early days of development, it still packs a lot of punch. Here's what it can do.

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"OK Glass:" Take a picture

5-picture-5 (dragged)

You can either tap the camera button just above your ear on the Glass headset, which takes an instant snap of whatever is in front of you. 

5-picture-16 (dragged)

Or alternatively, you can scroll through the menu like any other "glassware" app.

5-picture-32 (dragged)

In this example, a photo is taken and a "vignette" is created. A vignette allows users to take a photo while embedding a screenshot of what's on the display. The image can then be sent to phone and email contacts, or shared with social networks.

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  • Reserving Judgment

    I remember going on a tirade in the early 2000s about how silly it was to put a camera on a cell phone. I recently caught myself concerned that a 5 megapixel camera would not be good enough when shopping for a new phone. I think I will wait before I say how ridiculous this seems.