Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Hands-on with Google Glass apps: in pictures

Summary: Google Glass is like a smartphone in your line of sight. While it may still in its infancy and early days of development, it still packs a lot of punch. Here's what it can do.

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Unlocking Glass with screen-lock

9-lock-14 (dragged)

The latest Google Glass Explorer Edition software update (XE12) comes with a screen-lock mechanism, allowing the gadget's owner to swipe the arm in different combinations to gain access to the device.

9-lock-34 (dragged)

The screen lock is about as secure as a four-digit PIN code on a smartphone. This basic security feature allows data stored on the device to remain secure. 

9-lock-46 (dragged)

When the display is locked, a small circle appears on the bottom of the display, prompting the user to swipe the Glass arm away from you (the circle goes to the right) or towards you (to the left). This example shows the lock setup and the screen unlocking mechanism.

9-lock-67 (dragged)

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