Hands on with HTC One X, now in the UK

Hands on with HTC One X, now in the UK

Summary: The flagship quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone has gone on sale alongside its smaller brother the HTC One S, going up against Android, iOS and Windows Phone rivals — including the Galaxy S II


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  • HTC One X browser

    The One X and One S ship with the most recent version of HTC's Sense 4.0 user interface. This has recently been updated to declutter the home screen — removing the 3D animated carousel, for example. A dedicated hardware button provides quick access to recently used apps, and the home screen has had a few other minor tweaks.

    It also brings Sense-only features like ImageSense to add extra camera functions and comes with the full complement of Android apps included with ICS.

    The One X and One S are Beats Audio-branded devices, meaning they should deliver better sound quality than other phones and have additional software audio features.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet UK

  • HTC One S

    The HTC One S is slightly lower specced than its bigger brother but still provides many of the same features and performance.

    The key differences between the two are that the One S has a 4.3-inch qHD resolution display and has only half as much internal storage, with 16GB. It also has a VGA standard forward-facing camera, rather than a 1.3-megapixel component. Its more modest specs are reflected in slightly cheaper contract pricing from most operators.

    However, it comes with the same 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. It is also a little thinner and lighter than the One X, measuring 7.8mm thick and weighing just under 120g.

    Image credit: HTC

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  • HTC one x has the micro sd card support.
  • I think you'll find the One V has the card slot. The X and the S don't.
  • Hi Martyn,

    Neither of the models, the One X or the One S, have microSD support, both do offer 25GB of cloud storage, provided by DropBox, for free for two years.

    Personally, I think I'd rather have microSD support (and an accessible battery!) than a bundled cloud service, but maybe that's just me.....
    Ben Woods
  • Agree with you, Ben. This is a retrograde step, first started by Apple and then Samsung. You would Imagine a top-end phone would have ALL the bells & whistles. And 25GB DropBox space for free? You can get that anyway....
    Manek Dubash
  • HTC One X : 1280x720, QUAD core 1.5GHz, 32Gb built in.
    HTC One S : 960x540, DUAL core 1.5GHz, 16Gb built in.
    HTC One V : 800x480, SINGLE core 1GHz, 4Gb built in + MicroSD

    For the One X, massively impressive specifications, just hope Android 4.0 ICS and HTC have improved power consumption issues...what are the official standby and usage times? Throwing every increasing capacity batteries at the problem isn't a long term solution, they add weight and remove capacity for additional features....like missing Micro SD card slots ;-)
  • I used one of these in the store on the weekened and I find it regrettable to say that I was not impressed. The user experience was... gay. Everyone keeps harping on about how super fast the unit is (and I'm not saying it's slow when it comes to number crunching), but simple things like scrolling around the home screens felt terrible - inconsistent stutters and jerkiness, and noticable lag. Even my Nokia N9 is smoother and more responsive.

    HTC One X - FAIL!
  • of course the N9 is better, it was God's perfect phone. Too bad the devil cancelled it :)

    Battery life of the X is apparently quite bad due to the screen, techradar has more info on it, and a battery-shootout comparing it to the S, an S2 and iPhone 4s. Apparently the S is much better battery life.