Hands-on with HTC Zoe collaborative video highlight service for Android

Hands-on with HTC Zoe collaborative video highlight service for Android

Summary: HTC is starting to introduce their unique software experiences to other Android users and the first launch is Zoe. Take a look at what you can soon expect on your non-HTC device.


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  • Launching HTC Zoe on a Moto X

    One of my favorite all-time features of the HTC One is the slick highlight videos that you can create right on the device. As ZDNet's Liam Tung wrote yesterday, HTC is bringing some of their custom software experiences to the Android platform. I had a chance to take the new Zoe beta for a test drive and I am enjoying the experience.

    Back when the HTC One M8 launched there was an app on the device shown as Zoe that stated the service was coming soon. It is now finally here in beta form and I was able to test it out on the HTC One (M8) and my Moto X.

    The Zoe beta lets you create highlight videos like you have always been able to on HTC One devices, but adds in a social element where you can have friends remix your highlight video and add in their own photos and Zoes (3 second videos), as well as customize the video with different themes and music. There are 12 themes shown in Zoe and you can add your own custom music as well.

    You can follow others within Zoe, like their videos, and comment on their videos. HTC has created a video sharing social network with Zoe. I look forward to times when multiple friends or family attends events and then work together to create highlight videos that capture many different viewpoints. People had to buy HTC phones to get these kinds of experiences, but now they work fine on other Android devices.

    The left menu of the Zoe app shows your feed, discover link (shows Zoe videos from around the service), your Zoe page, lists of those you are following and who your followers are, and a way to find more Zoe friends.

    I think it is important for HTC to get their name out there and offering up advanced experiences like this will definitely help in that regard. The more people that share their experience with HTC's phones with other Android users, then the more likely people will also see how good HTC's camera is in comparison to the device they are using.

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  • Hmmm....

    Even less reason to buy a HTC phone now.