Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (image gallery)

Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (image gallery)

Summary: Amazon finally released an ebook reader that hits every high point for avid readers and it doesn't get much better.

TOPICS: Mobility, Amazon, Reviews

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  • The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite retail package is also the shipping package that comes with a cool pull tab to unpack.

  • The Quick Start Guide is found at the top while the Kindle Paperwhite appears in a formed area.

  • Note that I purchased the Paperwhite with ads and the ad you can see on the lock screen is for $5 in free Amazon MP3 music.

Topics: Mobility, Amazon, Reviews

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  • How about the display?

    It *does* have "splotches" at the bottom of the screen.
    See last picture.
    Note: I was going to order a PW a few days ago, but reading complaints about the LED splotches/shadows makes me wonder.
    Maybe I should get an old/refurbished unit?
    The new HD sounds great, except for the battery life (it would be for my wife, so price is not an issue). Maybe I should look at an i-something? Although all my wife wants is to read ebooks - or so she thinks ;-)
    • looks like they need to add 4 more LEDs at the bottom of the screen.

      And that would add more strain to the battery...
    • I'm Biased

      The Kindle Reader app for Android on a Nexus 7 is very nice (Google's e-reader is pretty good, too). If reading in bright light is a requirement, then an E-ink reader is hard to beat, but a Nexus does far, far more than a Kindle, although battery life is only a fraction (about 10 hours) of what you get from an E-ink reader. The downside of this flexibility is distraction; if you're using a Kindle, you can read books, and that's about it; all the different things that can be done with a tablet are a constant distraction.
    • Battery Life?

      I thought you are supposed to get 8 weeks of battery life with the LED left on...?
      • Oooops

        I meant "backlight" and not LED. sorry.
    • I Double-Checked

      Amazon says the battery life is 8 weeks (not hours) with the backlight left on. That's pretty good, isn't it.
  • Misread headline

    I swear when I first looked at the headline of the story I saw "Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle Paperweight".
    • I wrote that several times

      Funny, I wrote Paperweight several times while putting together my post :)
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • I read it too....

      I was thinking, Wow.. That thing must really suck... LOL
  • Hmm....

    The only problem, and for me it's a deal breaker, is that it doesn't do text to speech or play AudioBooks.
  • Is the off switch still a problem?

    On the previous Kindle Touch, the off switch was a huge frustration. When I'd prop up the Kindle on a table in reading position, the weight of the reader would toggle the off switch to off. %@#$^&$(^^&$&!!

    Hope they corrected that with this version; it'd be easy to either recess the switch, or add a box around it to protect it from accidental toggling.