Hands-on with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine (gallery)

Hands-on with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine (gallery)

Summary: Evernote is one of the most useful apps I have on my devices, but I still like to put a pen to paper and make notes. Thanks to a new product from Moleskine, Evernote fans can record in a cool Evernote-themed notebook and get their notes accurately into a digital archive.


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  • Evernote gives you three free months of premium service with your Moleskine purchase. I have been a premium member since they first launched the service, but it is nice for others to try it out for a while.

  • Four sheets of Smart Stickers are included and the Evernote application will pick them up as tags for your notes automatically.

  • The iOS version of Evernote has the Page Camera functionality that will pick up the Smart Stickers and optimize capturing notes from your Smart Notebook.

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  • Hey, with all the writing how about starting your blog with definitions

    I still don't know what Moleskin is meant to accomplish
  • It's just a vehicle...

    for capturing your handwritten notes, diagrams, etc. into Evernote. Stickers will serve to automatically generate tags for your notes.
    It's not a bad idea, really. I've tried the smart pens, tablets, etc. and for the most part have been underwhelmed with their ease of use and functionality. This has some elegance to its simplicity.
  • It seems to be IOS based only ..

    I checked out the website .. It seems to be a IOS based solution, so i'm out.
    Let us know when tools like this are more available on other OS's please!
    Like Android ..etc
    • It is?

      Then I am in if it is iOS only. The minute an AnCrapDroid app is out I am dumping the system. Yea BABY!! :D I ROCK!
  • can't this be done with an ordinary notebook?

    Maybe it's the lack of commentary but I am slightly confused. Evernote already has a photo note option. I don't see what I'm missing other than the cachet of Moleskine and illustrations of Evernote icons in the notebook. I love plain unlined Moleskine notebooks with their hard covers and elastic bands, the Evernote version seems particularly ugly and unconvincing ,maybe there's a qr code somewhere that synchs everything?
  • Gets it into evernote, which is a good thing.

    I used the io2 with evernote - a bit of a carry on but very useful.
    Now I simply want a way to get my Galaxy Note 10.1 notes into Evernote - complete with Evernote handwriting recognition,