Hands-on with the Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover (gallery)

Hands-on with the Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover (gallery)

Summary: Samsung enhances the Note 3 experience with their accessories and the Flip Cover offers some protection with unique user functionality.


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  • Default lock screen view

  • Swipe and tap to interact through the window

  • Taking a photo through the S-View Flip Cover

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  • Kewl...

    Kewl, I'll pick one up when Chinese knockoffs hit eBay for $5.99...

    ...oh yeah, forgot: gotta get a Galaxy Note 3 first though.
    • Kewl

      get a knockoff of that too!
      • Kewl...

        ... um ... ah ... kewl ...
    • check this video about the note 3 s view sensor flip cover

      check this video about the note 3 s view sensor flip cover
      Ankur Gambhir
  • Didn't HTC Athena/Advantage had similar functionality?

    Flip View Cover is also not new. iPads have had this and they let you peek inside without opening the full cover. I know this replaces the back cover, but the concept exists before. Shame on Samsung, copying from others without properly acknowledging and astroturfing on web sites to diss the competition.
    Ram U
    • The iPad did not invent "flip cover"

      Samsung may take cues from Apple, but Apple copies plenty from Android. The iPhone was not even the first smartphone...they just popularized touch screen smartphones. Samsung doesn't owe you an apology.
    • Apple Invented Everything

      I hope you are paying your licensing fees for using Air (invented by Apple).

      You, sir, is why people "diss the competition!" Apple invented many things, but it has also "borrowed" from the industry without acknowledging the actual inventors.
    • yeah...

      ... so lets have a multi million dollar waste of resources, time and court facilities to prove another pissant pointless patent argument about a piece of f...king pretend leather ...
  • Note 3 battery time

    I have a Note 2 and it is the same between 2 and 3. If you do NOT own a cover that can charge your Note 2 or 3 when out and about then get used to either carrying a spare charged battery or running out of juice quickly. Note 2 and 3 will not easily do 6 hours if you use GPS a lot and if you use Bluetooth and wi-fi a lot as well as move between reception zones switching from 4G to 3G and lower and back again you WILL drain your battery fast.

    Pay the extra and get a charge case. My own non-wireless charge case gives my Note 2 the equivalent of 1.5 battery charges, something useful when driving 100s of kilometres and using GPS on it as well as phone.

    Tip either way: turn wi-fi off when not at home and not planning to use it outside the house and also if you have some way of mounting the phone on your car windscreen, with either Note 2 or 3 you have a REAL decent speaker so you dont need bluetooth. S-Voice also allows a lot of voice command function. So turn bluetooth off, too.

    BTW, dont forget to swipe off apps that have been used and you dont need for now and clear ram as well not only for performance but also for battery drain reasons.
    • Battery time


      Have u done any comparisons of battery between the Note2/3 and an iPad? Or iPhone?
      Just curious.
  • battery

    I find that the battery is comparable between the two devices depending on what you are doing. If you are gaming then you will get much less life out of the note 3 then the 2. In fact any task that uses the gpu will chew the battery up.

    When doing cpu intensive tasks it leans toasts the note 2 being better but still relatively equal because the note 3 gets through the task faster but uses more power per cycle.
    I get about 21 hours out of my note 3 including 7 hours of streaming pandora, at least an hour of YouTube. Using wifi, 4G and 3g.
    I never turn my wifi off. I don't turn down the brightness and i play up to an hour of gaming once in a while..
    I would say I'm not too worried about charging it.
    With moderate to conservative usages you could go two days if you manage wifi and data screen brightness and gps conservatively. If you play 3d games or use gpu intensive programs then you will see a short day.
    But not to worry! This thing charges fast!! Especially with the provided usb 3.0 cable and most 2.amp chargers. Expect it to charge to 100% in a few hours from Dead. With USB 2.0 you can expect it to charge as fast as the note 2. Which was no slouch.
    I got the note 2 on launch day and have put it through its paces, it has been a great phone but over time the lagswe're more and more prominent. I rooted and swapped the internal storage for a 64gb sandisk micro sdxc ultra. And saw no extra slow in performance accept for when loading my picture albums. Then I installed jellybeans rom with jellybeans kernel (also tried the other provided kernels that allowed overclocking. I found the jellybeans kernel to be the best compromise between efficiency and speed.
    When comparing the note 2 with jellybeans rom to the note 3 the gap is shortened as far as battery life.
    As a disclaimer I'm using a Verizon note 3 and was using a Verizon note 2. So im comparing exinos 4 cpu=4x1.6ghz to snapDragon 800 cpu=4x2.3ghz.
    The 3g note 3 has a faster performing and more efficient cpu even though it's clocked at 4x1.9ghz/4x1.3ghz
    I may be wrong on the little cores speed.
    Battery life on the 3g note 3 is 10% better then the 4G variant.
    Dominic Dymond
  • glitches

    I have found that the incoming call quality of this phone is actually pretty horrible. It has been found to be a glitch and they have even released a patch to a small control group to see is it resolves the audio glitch and other known glitches like wifi instability. I have also seen a few apps crash including ones preinstalled. And pandora won't open with voice command.
    With these glitches the phone is barely worth the upgrade but it's still the top choice in my book over the Z1 and g2 and iPhone 5s. Yes i have taken some time to experience the others and found the features of the note 3 to be more useful.
    Dominic Dymond
  • Back to flip cover

    Back to the subject of the S-View flip cover i am definitely interested but not at 60 dollars. But I must say I'm disappointed that no company has made a good flip case that stays shut when you drop the device with some sort of locking mechanism.
    Also i agree that the wireless charging covert is nice but the amperage is something like .5A where the note Series needs 2.0A to achieve the proper speedy charge so you would find it slowing the gps drain or staying at current percentage... isn't it easier to just plug it in when driving?
    Dominic Dymond
  • Terrible display

    The S View cover is nice, but offers little protection. It doesn't extend beyond the case enough to offer serious protection from drops. It doesn't lock closed so it can fly open of dropped.

    The sensor is located on the inside of the cover. Locate the two gold pins and that is cover ing the chip. You may gently peel the sensor from the adhesive backing and place it in a safe place such as the box your phone came in.

    Why would you want to remove it?

    The SView display is not attractive nor is it customizable. I removed the chip and lowered set the screen time out to 30 seconds. The SView display is only on for a second or two and if you're not fast enough, you have to turn the phone back on. Using Chronos (from Google Play) you can use the same clock widget as used in CyanogenMod. This is displayed in the window instead of the stock SView display.

    I do not miss the SView display at all.
    • Re: Terrible display

      chonchchowder: Can you be more specific when you recommend using "Chronos (from Google Play)" as a replacement of the s view display? I've found thousands of apps when searching for "Chronos" or "Chronos clock". I agree that the s view display is pretty ugly, but I do like the (limited) functionality it gives. I'd like to play with some alternatives though.
  • knock of case note 3

    i bought a knock of note 3 s view case
    14 quid ebay
    looks great fits like a glove
    one major problem
    case will only work when wifi on and conected to the net
    other wise no joy
    weird or what dont know if its the phone or case
    have to try and borrow genuine on to see
    shame lovely case
  • ">