Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 2520 Dual Cover and screen protector

Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 2520 Dual Cover and screen protector

Summary: Nokia's Power Keyboard cover is not yet available, but you can find a reasonably priced dual cover with kickstand at your local Verizon Wireless store.


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  • Nokia Lumia Dual Cover retail package

    My Nokia Lumia 2520 arrived from the Microsoft Store, but there was no Verizon SIM card included. I went to my local Verizon Wireless store and ended up walking out with a new Dual Cover and a 3-pack of screen protectors. I didn't get a SIM since the wait for a service rep was at least 30 minutes so I will have to visit them again.

    Dual Cover

    The only accessory I knew about for the Lumia 2520 is the Power Keyboard, but unfortunately it is not yet available. The Dual Cover I saw at the Verizon store was priced at $29.99, which is actually a very reasonable price for such a large case that offers some decent protection.

    The case comes in a simply retail package with no branding on it anywhere. It is a two piece case, similar to many other cases you see on smartphones. The first piece is a light gray silicone material that has a smooth finish that doesn't really attract lint either. This silicone piece covers the back and all edges while wrapping around and covering nearly half of the front bezel around the display.

    There are openings for the the camera, mics, charging port, 3.5mm headset jack, USB 3.0 port, front facing speakers, and HDMI port. There are raised silicone buttons for the power button and volume controls.

    A plastic black piece fits over the silicone layer with pieces that wrap around towards the front on all four sides. On the back you will find a plastic hinge piece that slides on a couple slots and extends out about five inches.

    With this hinge piece extended and locked you can prop up the Lumia 2520 in either landscape or portrait orientation. I was looking for a kickstand case to be able to enjoy movies on my Lumia 2520 since watching media was a main use for my iPad.

    Screen protectors

    One of the things that bugs the heck out of my on the Lumia 2520 is the tendency of the display to attract fingerprints. With the fantastic display having Gorilla Glass 2, I didn't buy the $19.99 screen protector 3-pack for display protection.

    The screen protector has two pieces that you remove from the display, labeled one and two. I peeled off the first plastic piece and then positioned it on the display of the Lumia 2520. There are actually red dotted lines that show where the viewable area of the display is to make it easy to position the display.

    After placing it on the display, I used the small hard plastic piece to squeeze out the two small bubbles under the protector. Once it was clear, I peeled off the outer layer of the plastic.

    After a few days of use, I have to say the screen protector looks to be serving the purpose of reducing the fingerprints. Fingerprints do appear after extended use, but they are more easily removed with a soft cloth from the protector than they were from the display glass itself.

    The Dual Cover has the inner silicone layer that fits over the screen protector edges so you cannot even see it on the display. This is a nice combination, available now for about $50, that offers some protection and kickstand functionality.

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  • Nice case

    I like that case. Am thinking to get the 2520 but will be on AT&T. If I do, I will try to find that case.
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    Nokia will be launching an Android device soon, yes its official

    Ashley James