Hands-on with the Seidio Vitreo tempered glass protector for Apple iPhone 5

Hands-on with the Seidio Vitreo tempered glass protector for Apple iPhone 5

Summary: I have been using clear plastic screen protectors on my smartphones for years, but find I remove them after a while since they just aren't as good as the glass. The new Seidio Vitreo is glass and looks fantastic on the iPhone 5.


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  • Back of the retail package

    The instructions for application are shown on the back of the retail package.

  • Package contents

    You get the protector, wipes, microfiber cloth, pick, and home screen button stickers in the package.

  • Vitreo around the home button

    The glass adds a bit of thickness so your home button is inset quite a bit.

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  • or just buy a nokia 920

    and not have to put your phone in a condom for fear of it breaking.

    Not sure about the SIII, but prolly they actually designed a phone correctly also.
  • But Not Gorilla Glass™?

    Ironic that Gorilla Glass needs protection from non-Gorilla glass.
    • Uh...

      How is that ironic?

      "The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention." ~Bender
      • Silly rabbit

        Using ironic to mean sarcastic is tres passe.

        Everyone know that ironic also means unexpected and is its primary use in the vernacular.
        • No it doesn't

          Next you'll be saying that "set" actually means "sit" and "lay" actually means "lie", and "the" is actually spelled "teh" and "your" means "you are", just because everyone gets it wrong.
          Also, "ironic" also doesn't mean "sarcastic" (though they can overlap) so one wonders what your point is.
          Yea, your wrong, there right. They should of used a hole nother word.
          • It's ironic,get over it.

            For what it's worth, I also find it ironic that it requires normal, easily broken, "unsturdy" glass to protect sturdy, difficult to break, glass.
          • No it isn't. Get over it

            And since you don;t seem to be able to understand, and need it spelled out for you, the point of the glass is the same as a plastic screen protector. It is CHEAPER. So you take a cheap, easily replaced material, and use it to protect an expensive, not as easily replaced material. Especially when the condition of that material affects resale value.
  • This is so insanely unnecessary!

    Why Why Why! That's all i'm gonna say!
    • RTFA

      Your question was answered in the very first paragraph. THe very first sentence even!
  • Nw I ned a plastic glass protector to protect my $40 glass glass protector.

    • OK. Don't use the plastic protector, since you can't resell the protector.

      Insanity stopped.
  • A trick to minimize dust

    An old DIY clean room trick for SMC soldering: if you need a dust-free environment to apply decals and such, before removing the adhesive backing, run the shower hot in a closed bathroom for a few minutes to generate a nice steamy interior. The steam adheres to the dust and pulls it out of the air. Use a clean work surface, and you should have no problem with stray dust particles falling onto your surfaces while you are trying to place the sheets.
  • Phone App

    Dont forget the Apps!.