Hands-on with the STM Bags Harbour 2 and Catch for Apple iPhone 5s

Hands-on with the STM Bags Harbour 2 and Catch for Apple iPhone 5s

Summary: STM Bags makes some great cases for the iPhone 5/5s and a couple newer ones add some unique features. The Harbour 2 props up your iPhone while the Catch lets you carry along ID and credit cards.


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  • STM Bags Harbour 2 and Catch retail packages

    When I look around on the train and in the office I see just about everyone with an iPhone placing it in some kind of case. I spent a week with the Harbour 2 and Catch from STM Bags, both with unique features designed to be protective and functional.

    Last year I took a look at the STM Bags Opera and Harbour cases for the iPhone 5. The new Harbour 2 and Catch cases are attractive, add little bulk to the iPhone 5s, and offer decent protection.

    Harbour 2

    Like the Harbour case last year, the Harbour 2 has a hinged bottom design that is present to facilitate installation of your iPhone, allow you to dock it with some docks, and provide a way to prop up your iPhone in the case in portrait orientation.

    The case comes in two colors, including the black one that has some lighter black/gray highlights. The secondary colors are located around the front face, inside the case where your iPhone rests, and along the hinge piece. I personally like the use of secondary highlight colors and may pick up the orange and gray one for myself.

    The case is made out of dual density thermo polyurethane (TPU) so while it doesn't provide a soft touch feel it does feel pretty durable. The hard shell seems to provide a good level of protection for your iPhone. The soft feel of the material rests against your iPhone.

    There are well-designed cutouts for all your buttons and ports, which I personally prefer to the button covers used on other cases.

    The material has a matte finish and is finger print and scratch resistance. Your iPhone fits in nice and tight so is very secure in the case as well. There is also a raised bezel around the front to keep your display from resting on the table.

    The Harbour 2 is available for $30 from various online retailers, such as Amazon. It is available in black, charcoal and orange, purple, and emerald with yellow highlights.


    Many of us carry door key cards, credit cards, ID cards, and public transit cards along with our iPhone. The Catch lets you carry along a couple of cards and/or some cash so you may even decide to leave your wallet behind.

    I was able to store my ORCA train card, office key card, and driver's license with my iPhone. I need my office card to get in and out of doors all day long and appreciated the convenience of having this card and my train commute card with my phone each day. I wasn't personally a fan of the purple/pink color scheme of the case so wouldn't buy this model for myself.

    The Catch is made of TPU too and has a hard outer shell to provide reinforcement and protection. There are button covers over the volume keys and power button while there are openings for the charging port and lock/ringer switch.

    There back material is a bit softer than the sides and comes with two slots for your cards and cash. To help keep the back of your iPhone 5/5s scratch-free the case comes with a back protector. There are also two front screen protectors to keep your iPhone safe.

    There is a slight raised bezel around the front so you can place your iPhone 5/5s down on a table without the display resting directly on the table.

    The Catch is available for $35 from various online retailers in gray/green, purple/pink, and black colors.

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