Hands-on with the X-Doria Dash Folio for the iPad Mini with Retina display

Hands-on with the X-Doria Dash Folio for the iPad Mini with Retina display

Summary: I watch a lot of video content on my Apple iPad Mini with Retina display so having a case that serves as a kickstand is important to me. The X-Doria Dash Folio is a great case that supports viewing in landscape.

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  • X-Doria Dash Folio retail package

    I prefer to carry my iPad Mini with Retina display in a case, particularly one where I can prop up my iPad and watch video content. I spent a few weeks using the Dash Folio from X-Doria and like the design, looks, and functionality.

    The Dash Folio arrived in a retail package that showed off the brown leather-like material with bright green yellow highlights. There are patterns embossed near the leading edges of the front and back with smooth, stitched material that looks and feels like leather.

    The first thing you need to do to use the case, is insert your iPad Mini with Retina display into the colored iPad enclosure. This piece is almost like a stand-alone case that surrounds the back and sides of your iPad. You slip your iPad into this frame piece, with openings for the camera, headset jack, mics, Lightning port, and ringer switch. There are nubs for the volume and power, along with another longer one on the left side that is used to prop up the iPad in landscape orientation.

    With your iPad secured inside, you can then use your iPad in portrait orientation by resting the front flap against the back piece. You can close the front flap and then use the installed elastic strap to keep the Folio closed as you carry around your iPad.

    If you wish to watch video content on your iPad in landscape orientation, open up the Folio and then rotate the Folio. You will see a number of small notches, colored with a darker material, under the front flap. Slide out the bottom of the frame piece, with the long nub, and rest it into one of these notches. This allows you to use your iPad in a number of different angles.

    When you slide out the bottom of your iPad in the frame piece, you will notice there is a hinge along the back where the material is actually doubled up when closed. This angled piece of the back helps to provide a solid stand for using your iPad in landscape.

    This hinged back ends up giving you double thickness protection on the back. There is a hinged piece on the front too. This allows you to use your iPad in a very low angle for typing and other purposes.

    The cover also supports Apple’s auto wake/sleep mode with its embedded magnets.

    The case provides good protection for your iPad and looks great. It is well constructed and has a durable feel with premium materials.

    You can purchase the X-Doria Dash Folio for $39.99. It also comes in black leather with light gray highlights.

    X-Doria also has another case option for the iPad Mini with Retina display, available in multiple colors and materials.

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Topics: Mobility, iOS, iPad, Tablets

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  • Maybe we need a catchy acronym?

    After the first few times reading "my iPad Mini with Retina display", it struck me that is a lot of extra typing for little return. Perhaps something like "iPad MRd"? Oh...if it gets adopted, I won't ask for royalties! Hehe...