Hands-on with three RadioShack Auvio audio products (review)

Hands-on with three RadioShack Auvio audio products (review)

Summary: Not everyone wants to pay $200 to $400 for audio products so it was nice to see that there are low cost alternatives. These earbuds, speaker, and headphones are available at RadioShack.

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  • The Auvio Bluetooth speaker is definitely the largest of the bunch

  • Auvio Bluetooth headphones

    Auvio Bluetooth Headphones

    I personally prefer to use earbuds for listening to music while commuting, but there are people who like Bluetooth headphones for music and movies as well as listening to audio while in the office. The Auvio Bluetooth Headphones are available for $99.99. These are not active noise-canceling headphones and there is no option for connecting the headphones with a cable.

    The Auvio headphones are quite a bit smaller than some recent over/on the ear headphones I have been trying and are extremely lightweight. The retail package includes the headphones, soft zippered carrying case, User's Guide, and USB charging cable. The charging connector is unique to the device and again I wish they would have used microUSB. There is extra padding on the inside of the top to make it comfortable on your head. The headphones and earpiece arms are covered in soft touch material. The earpieces are covered in soft leather material.

    The charging port and indicator light are found on the left side. All the business takes place on the right earpiece where you will find volume up and down buttons down towards the button. On the outside of the earpiece there is the forward and rewind buttons, play/pause button, and multifunction key. The multifunction key is used to pair the headphones as well as answer and end calls. Auvio states that the headphones will last for up to 9 hours of talk or music playback. Specs include 20-20,000 Hz frequency response, 32 Ohms impedance, and 101 dB sensitivity.

    The headphones are light and quite comfortable. They are also small so they do not block out all ambient sound. The buttons are large so it is easy to control the audio. I made a couple calls with the headphones and they sounded just fine.

  • The right earpiece contains all of the controls

Topics: Mobility, Reviews

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