Hands-on with three RadioShack Auvio audio products (review)

Hands-on with three RadioShack Auvio audio products (review)

Summary: Not everyone wants to pay $200 to $400 for audio products so it was nice to see that there are low cost alternatives. These earbuds, speaker, and headphones are available at RadioShack.

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  • Earbuds and controller

    The flat cable on the earbuds helps keep them from easily tangling.

  • Audio jack of the earbuds

    Note that the audio jack is positioned at a 90 degree angle.

  • Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    I have tried several different portable speaker units over the past year so I know what to expect from them. Most of the ones I tried are priced at $200 and all sound pretty good. RadioShack sells the Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker for just $79.99 so once again I wasn't expecting much from the package that arrived. Specifications include 100-15,000 Hz frequency response, 4 Ohms impedance, two 2W output speakers, and Bluetooth 2.1.

    I pulled the Bluetooth speaker from the white and blue package and my first impression was that the speaker was a bit large, but light in weight. It is attractive with a glossy black top, matte black back and bottom, with a matte black grill around the two sides and front. Auvio added a nice touch to the front right corner where the corner is cut off at an angle and the silver Auvio brand is present. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker to keep it from sliding around a table.

    On the left side of the top you will wee a brushed silver large control button. The four sides of the button are used for forward, backward, and volume up and down. The center button is used to answer and end calls or play and pause music. To the right of the large button are two indicator lights for battery status and Bluetooth connectivity. The mic opening is below the Bluetooth status indicator. On the back there is a power switch, miniUSB port, and 3.5mm audio in port. I would have preferred to have seen a microUSB port since that is the standard today, but at least they do include a miniUSB cable to charge up the speaker. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to six hours and takes just under three hours to charge.

    Audio sounded quite good on the speaker and it is more than adequate for audio in the office or work area. The speaker is not loud enough to provide audio for a large party or an entire home, but at $80 it is perfect for many of the scenarios where a person might use such a speaker. I made a couple of conference calls and was pleased with the call quality as well.

Topics: Mobility, Reviews

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