Hands-on with Urban Armor Gear cases for the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPad Mini

Hands-on with Urban Armor Gear cases for the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPad Mini

Summary: I spent the last couple of weeks with Urban Armor Gear cases on three of my mobile devices. They offer solid protection and cool style.


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  • Three Urban Armor Gear cases

    In general I carry my mobile devices without cases, but there are times when a case makes sense and I may have just found a new favorite case manufacturer. I have seen Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cases online in the past and considered trying them out. After testing their iPad Mini with Retina display, HTC One (M8), and Samsung Galaxy S5 models I wish I would have found them earlier.

    HTC One (M8) Maverick

    The HTC One (M8) is a slick metal device and if you read reviews online you will see I am not the only one that has dropped the phone more often than other phones. I checked out a few other M8 cases last month and was most pleased with the Tech21 Impact Mesh one. After checking out the Maverick the last couple of weeks I think I found my new favorite.

    Urban Armor Gear labels their different color models with different names. The Maverick is primary a clear plastic case with black edges. They also have the Aero (dark blue), Navigator (white), and Outland (orange). As a fan of orange I may have to pick up an Outland model for one of my new phones.

    The HTC One (M8) is pressed into the case with the case flexing enough to allow an easy fit while assuring you it will never fall off. The case covers all sides, except the front, and fits over the lip of the front just enough to hold it in place. The M8 has a curved back and when you look through the case you can see an air gap along the left and right side of the back. I haven't drop tested the M8 in the case, the M8 is a review unit, but it looks like there is ample protection on the sides and back for drop protection.

    The UAG case lets me hang onto the M8 in a more secure fashion and I have yet to drop or even let the M8 slip while in this case. I personally like the rugged look of the case and find the button covers easy to manipulate. The microUSB and headset jack openings are open in the cover so there are no ports to open or close. There are openings for the two camera modules and I haven't seen any impact on image capture. There is even an opening in the top power button so you can still use the IR port.

    A clear plastic screen protector is included for the front of the device. The UAG case for the HTC One (M8) is available now for $34.95.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Scout

    Like the HTC One (M8), the UAG cases for the Galaxy S5 are named along with their colors. I was sent along a Scout (black) model to test for a few weeks. They also have Maverick, Navigator, and Outland colors for the Galaxy S5 with the same $34.95 price.

    The UAG Scout is fairly light and doesn't add much bulk for the rugged protection it offers. It meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) and while it isn't waterproof it does offer solid protection. A clear plastic screen protector is provided in the package.

    Scout Folio for the Apple iPad Mini with Retina display

    Urban Armor Gear also makes two form factor cases for the iPad Mini with Retina display, including a standard and folio model. The Folio case has a flip cover that covers and protects the front while also flipping around the back to prop up your iPad for watching video content.

    The main black material of the Scout Folio is water-resistant and makes it much easier to hold onto the iPad Mini. Like other UAG cases, it also looks great.

    The iPad Mini fits into the front of the case with the sides extending up and over the front to securely hold the iPad in the case. There are openings for the upper ports, Lightning opening, speaker, and camera with raised areas covering the volume buttons. The case is designed to provide a high level of drop protection, but is not a waterproof case.

    The rubber material at the top, bottom, and along the right side are matte rubber while the rest has a textured material. You can slide your iPad forward in the Folio to secure it in a variety of angled positions. The Scout Folio is available for $49.95 and only comes in black.

  • HTC One (M8) Maverick case

  • Back of the UAG Maverick

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