Hands-on with Windows Phone 8 Update 3 on the Nokia Lumia 1020 (Gallery)

Hands-on with Windows Phone 8 Update 3 on the Nokia Lumia 1020 (Gallery)

Summary: Microsoft released a preview version of the WP8 Update 3 change and it is quite easy to get it for yourself to try out, much the way Apple now allows people to install early betas for testing and app compatibility.


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  • See how much each app consumes

  • Detailed view of your storage

Topics: Mobility, Nokia, Windows Phone

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  • How is this similar to what Apple does?

    Doesn't Apple require you pay for this with a developer account? MS doesn't, it is a free solution. That seems like a pretty big difference!
    Stuart Becktell
  • Just curious

    "but there are still many reasons I am now focused on using Android devices instead of Windows Phone 8 for my daily driver "

    - I know you are a very advanced mobile user, so can you list please few things that you find in Android but not in WP8. ( ignore Notification centre, one click controls etc...these features are coming in Wp8.1 blue)
    • "They are coming..."

      Not there yet, by the time they get to WP8.1 there will exist new features on competing platforms.
      There is also many lacking applications, and not "fart applications" - those are plenty in all platforms. Youtube app is a paradigmatic example of that.
      Even companies providing Windows solutions many times have complements for android and iOS devices but nothing for windows phone or the "Metro" touch interface. Pioneer hi-fi brand have apps for remote controlling some of their systems - again only for android and iOS. Yamaha digital pianos can interface with tablets/smartphones - only for iOS, the same with their professional audio products. Take Revel POS software for iOS - I doubt solutions like that will appear any time soon for Metro/WP interface.
      Sometimes I believe the open-source community is supporting WP more than others - take VLC, they have a remote app for the 3 main mobile platforms - almost ironic :)

      Obviously when someone is running behind it's easier to match functionality of the front runners - that to keep the lead must do a lot more than just "copy" what others have done. WP is catching up, but it's not there yet.

      But there are a lot of other problems against WP: they are getting late to the show, even if they were as good as the others it would be hard for them, they have only one maker real supporting it, not even Apple "that is Apple" is being able to keep a strong share going that way, while Apple can live happily with huge profits from a small share, Nokia will hardly post profits selling so many 520s.
      And besides all the objective reasons, I keep saying Windows 8 (phone or desktop) it's ugly - many people don't like it - and if someone disagree with me, I will be willing to show sales numbers :P.
      • Ugliness and Sales don't have to correlate always

        Cheap Android tablets and phones are true examples.
        Ram U
        • Ugly android sales must be small

          I dare you to share examples.
          • Since you don't like Microsoft and its products,

            at least that's what I understood after reading 100s of same comments from you here, use Google and search for Cheap Android Devices and you will see tons of them with bad touch, or lack of memory, ugly custom user interface (probably they may look appealing to you because to each their own) or something else.
            Ram U
          • I like Lumia 520

            Cheap and solid performer, interface is still ugly. The profit for Nokia must be small but that's a good sign for costumers.

            There are a lot of ugly phones, but the good aspect of android is that people can set them the way they like - even so they resemble windows phone 8.
            Lack of memory don't make a phone ugly.

            If you meant the hardware to be ugly, yes there are also very ugly phones - most of them are android (obviously, from thousands devices it's normal), but again people can chose the hardware they want, there are all kind of phones in all prices ranges (some smartphones cost half of a 520 - don't expect greatness there). Obviously all this ugly thing is very subjective.
            Microsoft wanted to have the same advantage by bringing many manufacteurs to the boat, but so far they have failed completely - there is Nokia alone basically (and even Nokia is about to lose independence).

            While I have personal preferences, it's not what I'm trying to expose with my posts. Sometimes I'm saying Microsoft products are bad - true; but while I have evidences that support my sayings. you and others are unable to praise anything that is not Microsoft or to go against anything that is Microsoft - it shows in what I believe are more than 100 posts (I'm not in a counting mood today). While I don't have nothing against you having and giving your opinion (even if I don't always agree) I really don't understand why you keep blaming others of having preferences like if that was a capital sin - if it is, hell is waiting for you :P.

            You can keep on praising everything MS, and believe that surface it's so amazing that will outsell iPad, ...., I will respectful accept your opinion. But I admit it's a little bit annoying when someone spend so much energy complaining that others are biased when they are being realistic. It gets even worse when those complaining are the big fans of some side unable to be objective.

            Again you have failed to post numbers of sales of those ugly android devices. I said "sales must be small", not saying that ugly phones don't exist. If you want to debate my posts, you should at least be prepared to show some evidence of what you say - you don't have to trust me - but doing that it's silly (and sorry if the word "silly" is too harsh from you, I don't want to be rude even if you have used it before).
          • Well I use whatever fits my needs

            I have nexus 7, Lumia 1020 and 920, iPhone 5, iPad 2, Surface RT, Surface Pro, Lenovo Thinkpad, MBA, HP Envy, HTC EVO 3D and a Chromebook. My collection also has few older Windows Mobile and Android phones. I may like Microsoft products more, but I don't like outright lies about Microsoft products by a lot of posters without merits.

            Also ugliness or beauty or in the eyes and mindset not in the person or product. Like I said to every android device is more beautiful than the life, but to me it is not.
            Ram U
          • FUD-dy daddy

            You are so freaking jobless...shove up the freaking phone up your arse and upload the virus of android
      • Lumia 520

        Lumia 520 could be the trojan horse of windows phones. Not very profitable but damn good for platform. Low cost and high quality is pretty good combination.

        Now talking about Revel POS. They want to limit themselves only to one platform? Maybe that would work for them. They look like seller of POS systems for mom and pop stores. Picking android or even windows would be a smarter choice. All their hardware and software platform comes from one vendor - Apple. Apple may ruin their whole business with a few policy or design changes. This is just not smart. They would have to support other platforms if they want to survive long term.
      • I disagree. I never thought MS was running behind.

        They may be taking a different direction, and that's allowing them to incorporate things into their phones in a way that is better then the other mobile platforms in many ways.

        Like I keep hearing with Apple, who has always seems to be behind Android feature wise common to platforms "They will only release it once it's complete, and better then the competition".

        Seems MS is taking the same approach, and from what I can see with my Nokia vs other phones/platforms, it's paying off for me.
  • already have some of these screen shots shown

    I already have some of these like storage check in last couple of screen shots and screenshot 8. this one came after NOKIA AMBER update.
  • all I have to say is htm5test dot com

    The proof is in numbers, facts are facts. As soon as MS can show me a capable browser, unlike their current offerings which are way off, will be the second I start to take thems seriously...

    After that time to start talking security. Why would I want most notoriously insecure software company in my pocket
  • Why would I want most notoriously insecure software company in my pocket

    Just out of curiosity, are you talking Android or Windows?
    Gary O'Connor
  • Finally!

    Better ringtone, Screen rotation, Manual app closure. Those I've been waiting for.
  • ARGH!

    I will NOT click through another series of images, having to scroll up and down, up and down, up and down! This is the most annoying way of presenting information and I'm not going to do tolerate it.
  • lumia 1020

    the right protector with camera protector,looks cute and fashion .google "gadget2us"
    9 colors available. especial have carbon fiber black twill pattern.look great
  • diy oreo camera cap

    Attached a Oreo lens cover / cap to the case for lumia 1020, effect protect the important lens parts.looks funny and useful to users, search from gadget2us