Hard Candy ShockDrop Case for iPad Air (Gallery)

Hard Candy ShockDrop Case for iPad Air (Gallery)

Summary: The new silicone rubber and polycarbonate case for iPad Air from Hard Candy provides a lightweight but still protective alternative to Otterbox, Griffin, Trident and other extreme-protection products.

TOPICS: iPad, Apple

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Topics: iPad, Apple


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  • Love the iMentality....

    The iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch and i(whatever) is another 1/5 of a mm thinner - so buy it! And it's made of shiny metal! Buy it!

    Oh btw - these things are more fragile than glass - make sure you dress them up in 3 inches of plastic while you're at it!
    • iPad

      ipad is not fragile. It's used in kindy and the usage is brutal. U do know it's main of alloy right? compared to other tablet which is made of plastic
      • Plastic "gives"

        If metal is better, then why are all these protection devices made of plastic?

        When dropped, plastic cases flex or crack, dissipating the energy of an impact and saving the glass screen from damage. Metal cases do not flex as easily, sending more impact energy to the glass screen.

        Metal is good for an outer layer, but you still need something flexible to isolate that glass screen.
    • Wouldn't put a case on mine.

      Like you implied, it defeats the purpose of thin and light devices to put a bulky plastic case on it. I just buy the Apple Care warranty and use it as-is. They're really not fragile at all. I've dropped mine or knocked it off my desk a number of times. Usually, it's onto a hardwood floor or porcelain tile. The worst I've gotten was a a dented corner. I'm continually amazed at their sturdiness.

      The people who buy these cases must be throwing their iPads against a brick wall or something. Or perhaps they're putting the cases on their kids' iPads rather than buying the warranty.