Harvey Norman quietly opens online store

Harvey Norman quietly opens online store

Summary: Gerry Harvey's retail empire has caught up with the 21st century, quietly opening a massive online store yesterday.

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Gerry Harvey's retail empire has caught up with the 21st century, quietly opening a massive online store yesterday.

Harvey Norman Online

Harvey Norman Online
(Credit: Screenshot by Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

The store lists all of Harvey Norman's products from electrical to furniture, with delivery and in-store pick-up options available.

While most items are available for delivery, larger product lines like bedding and furniture are pick-up in-store only. The website does allow customers to check in-store for stock, however.

Harvey, a man who's recently been at odds with online store models, was silent on the opening, not responding to requests for comment this morning. The retail mogul flagged his move into online back in March with a warning that such a plan would cannibalise his retail stores.

When asked about his online strategy earlier in the year, Harvey stayed silent, telling ZDNet Australia that he "didn't have time to talk about f***ing online".

Harvey has, however, previously been on record as telling his online team that he wants them to earn the business $1 billion in online revenue in the next decade via the company's Big Buys daily deals site and now the online store.

The push into online retail comes as Harvey's competitors continue to evolve their online models, with low-margin competitor JB Hi-Fi now offering pick-up from its stores and so-called "grey market" imports, as well as plans to open an online, cloud-based music store next year.

Topic: E-Commerce

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  • So the same rip-off prices I wouldn't pay in store now available online without the ability to demand they lower it?
    The big stuff I can't fit in my car they won't deliver?

    Hmm..... perhaps not Gerry
  • Gerry has blustered, blurted and postured while refusing to put together an online offering. He may have been hoping that enough of a retailer based push would force the hand of the government to impose the GST on lower value purchases. Don't be fooled by this move it is not about the extra 10% it is about setting up a red tape fence making entry into the market as inconvenient as possible. Overseas sellers would then simply turn their backs on our small market (Protectionism enforced by inconvenience). The interesting thing, having felt the hatred of the average shopper, is that he has bought this particular online offering to market and it, again, shows his lack of understanding of online sales. Darkpsyd sums it up simply and succinctly... Same prices with the added inconvenience of not being able to get a great many items shipped... Where are you getting your advice Gerry?.. You are paying them too much!
    Peter Mc-4217d
  • Aww poor Gerry Harvey, he's had such a hard time with this whole interweb thinga-majiggy! I'm sure he comforts himself by going to be in a big bed full of money every night.
  • Why did he bother?
    Just did a quick check on his prices...over 50% dearer than his online competitors.