'Help us build kick-ass tablets': Mozilla asks devs to get involved with Firefox OS slates

'Help us build kick-ass tablets': Mozilla asks devs to get involved with Firefox OS slates

Summary: If you're a developer who's good at spotting missing features, and have an itch to try out Mozilla's new tablets, it's time join the foundation's contributor program.

2014-01-24 10.18.36 am
Mozilla's Foxconn contributor program Firefox OS tablet reference model. Image: Asa Dotzlerr/Mozilla

Developers wanting to help shape Mozilla's upcoming Firefox tablet are being asked to provide early feedback on how the OS performs on the organisation's reference device.

"We're looking for people who can help us test Firefox OS regularly and report defects, chart feature gaps with competitor tablets, triage incoming bug reports, localize and translate UI, prioritize work and build roadmaps, hack on existing features, define new features and experiences, and more," said Asa Dotzler, director of Firefox OS participation announced on his personal blog this week.

"This isn't an exhaustive list, but I wanted to put it out there to let you know that, yes, we want YOU! to come work with us to make Firefox OS kick ass on the tablet form factor."

Mozilla announced the program earlier this month, which would give contributors access to nightly builds of its tablet OS running on a 10-inch reference device from Taiwanese hardware maker Foxconn.

Mozilla said the program is still expected to commence in coming weeks.

"Mozilla has limited full-time resources to dedicate to tablet-specific Firefox OS development. That will hopefully change in the future but for the time being that means we need all kinds of help," wrote Dotzler.

Participants will get access to a wi-fi-only InFocus 10-inch tablet that has a 1280×800 display, 24bit colour, 16GB of onboard storage and 2GB RAM. Its dimensions are 267mm by 171mm, with a thickness of 9.7mm. It weighs 580g.

Dotzler recently fleshed out the specs, noting that it was an InFocus New tab F1 (pictured above running the latest nightly build), running on an ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core 1.0GHz with a PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU. It also has five-megapixel and two-megapixel dual cameras; Micro SD, Micro USB, and headphone ports; support for GPS, Bluetooth, Gyroscope; and a 7,000mAh battery.

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  • Firefox OS is a hit of the year

    Firefox OS is a hit of the year, having announced its phones, tablets, smart TVs, mini PCs.
    Meanwhile, you can try Firefox OS on Alcatel smartphones, being on sale on eBay: http://r.ebay.com/zLVB9S
    • This is *the year*

      of Fireblows OS, just like Desktop Linsucks
    • Funny

      Have to go to eBay to buy something with this OS. I don't think any major phone want to touch the OS. Smart TV. From who? Note that tablets and mini PCs are the cheapest gadgets out there.
      Oh "hit of the year". According to whom?
  • Exciting Alternative

    Android is also Linux............but controlled by Google, and big brother Google has it's thumb on the scale as I found out when I wanted to download an add blocker. Not allowed in the Play Store, and you have to not only find the developer on your own, but find an arcane setting to allow you to upload. They obviously want to protect their cash stream in any way possible. Apple is even more oppressive and at one point actually was "bricking" devices that had been rooted, as part of an IOS update...... or so it was claimed. A truly open source OS for portables is a very attractive option. With Linux at the core of the OS, it should be reliable and stable.
    I'm waiting for someone to come out with an OS based on the concept of Open Doc, which was one of the first projects Steve Jobs killed. The idea being that you have an application framework with basic functionality, and the user adds plug in functionality via plug ins that are launched with or in the application. Thus each "instance" is a custom application the user configures for a particular task. You have very powerful applications without the overhead of a huge amount of functionality you aren't needing for the task at hand. The old graphics program Super Paint did this in it's last versions. Hypercard also allowed you to call externals, though that was at a programming level. As a long time user of bloated absurd applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, this is the direction I want to see software go. Apps should be plug modules, not stand alone mini programs......... at least many of them should be.
  • different name for google

    MOZILLA different name for google, hate it.
  • No thanks

    The biggest waste of R&D after Chrome OS is Firefox OS.
  • Kick-ass Characteristics

    The trend for business tablet nowadays are flexibility, ability for customization, multi-user multi-touch display functionality, and the best type of service and technical support a business needs. I got my eye for SensyTouch (www.sensytouch.com). I hope you feature their products one of these days.