Here come the Bitcoin apps

Here come the Bitcoin apps

Summary: There are a number of Bitcoin apps available for iOS, although not as many as there once were. Here are some of my favorites.

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Here come the Bitcoin apps - ZeroBlock (Jason O'Grady)

Here are some of my favorite Bitcoin apps for iOS:

As I mentioned in How to put fake 'widgets' on your iOS home screen one of my favorite Bitcoin apps for iOS is Bitcoin Live ($4.99, App Store) which allows you to see the price of Bitcoin on your iPhone home screen without ever opening the app, courtesy of the badge app icon. The price updates every 60 seconds and it's the only app the does this. It's a little spendy at $5 and I've asked the developer to add push notifications for BTC prices and more exchanges (like @coinbase), so we'll see what happens. Bitcoin live is a home page app for me. 

ZeroBlock (free, App Store) is also one of my favorite Bitcoin apps because it allows you to monitor the current Bitcoin exchange rates and features a gloriously simple black and white UI (pictured) and unique, four-way swipe gestures. It also provides push notifications on high and low Bitcoin prices. ZeroBlock also combines Bitcoin market exchange data with an aggregated news feed to give you easy access to what's happening in the Bitcoin market. 

BTCmon Bitcoin Monitor ($0.99, App Store) makes it onto my list because in addition to the features you'd expect from a BTC app (Bitcoin exchange rates and Bitcoin Network stats) BTCmon also allows you to monitor multiple miner stats for several popular Bitcoin mining pools including BTC Guild, Mt. Red and Slush.

Coinbits (free, $4 ad-free, App Store) features live Bitcoin price updates from more than 80 markets in all available currencies and alerts for every market if it crosses a pre-defined threshold. Coinbits also supports other crypto-currencies including Litecoin, Primecoin, Novacoin and Namecoin.

MobileMiner (free, App Store). Nothing is more stressful than wondering if your rig is offline, costing you money. If you're a Bitcoin or Litecoin miner (and you should be!) you can use this indispensable tool to monitor your rig. MobileMiner allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other Cryptocoin mining rigs and it's compatible with my favorite mining app for OS X, Asteroid. Setup is simple and there are no firewall changes or port-forwarding required.

Are you a Bitcoin/Litecoin investor, speculator or miner? What are your favorite BTC/LTC apps?

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • great article

    I love all these apps Jason, thanks for the great article. My personal favorite is ZeroBlock, I open it like 100 times a day. One app that wasn't on the list is Talkchain The Bitcoin / crypto currency enthusiast chat app. Looking forward to more articles!
  • Slim pickings

    I used the Blockchain app on my iPhone for a few months, but it turned out to have a bug setting the transaction fees. I never got a chance to try the Coinbase app. There are no apps for iOS that let you actually use Bitcoins. The truth is, if you're into Bitcoin, Apple does not want you as a customer. I got the message and switched to Android a few weeks ago.
    J Roberts
  • Nice post!

    A nice selection though some apps might be missing like These guys cliam they've created a nice and cosy app for starters with bells and whistles.
  • Bitcoins:Apple is right!

    Apple is trying to save it's users from themselves.

    Like chain letters, after the initial period has anyone benefitted other than as an in and out very risky gamble?
  • miners

    I also doubt very many will make anything from Bitcoin. If you are not already mining with the latest ASIC miners you wont be able to afford the next gen ASIC miners (which will only be sold for Bitcoins like this current generation). As soon as a current generation of ASICs get mining, the difficulty will increase to stop the previous generation of miners being cost-effective.

    Probably very much like the original gold rush, only those who got in early and plowed profits directly back into land and equipment will end up winners.
  • iOS Bitcoin Value app

    A pretty sweet and neatly designed iOS app for tracking the value of your Bitcoins: