Here's what Windows 9 could look like: pictures

Here's what Windows 9 could look like: pictures

Summary: With Windows 8.1 just out the door, Windows 9 is slated for a late 2014 release. With little to go on except sheer creativity and a bevy of ideas, designers and enthusiasts have published what they think the next-generation desktop, notebook, and tablet software should look like.


With a new release cycle of roughly each year, Microsoft is slated to supply its next-generation version of its desktop operating system, likely named Windows 9, by fall 2014.

Recent reports suggest the software giant will slim down its line-up down from three versions — Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone — to two or fewer.

But one thing for sure is that Microsoft will keep dishing out its desktop operating system as it has for the past two decades. Windows 9 will likely run on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and perhaps even phones.

With little to go on and plenty of speculation and rumor, designers have mocked up a number of concepts — fitting with previous releases — to detail what they expect the upcoming software to look like.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most visually stunning and detailed designs we've found.


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Chris Lombardo/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Chris Lombardo/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Chris Lombardo/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Simeon Metev (SoftwarePortalPlus)/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Niklas Lv/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Niklas Lv/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)


Credit: Niklas Lv/deviantArt — View larger (pop-up)

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  • Windows 9, concepts.a

    I like "concept a", for long time I wonder what to do with my desktop (to better use it) since there are only few icons (4-8, depends on computer I use, most used progs i have pinned to task bar). For now is one big waste of space when I don't run any program.
    • A few good ideas but's basically a mess. It’s worst in every way to 8.1.

      MS needs to find a way to merge the Metro UI to the Desktop UI… Quick! They need to make the entire Windows Experience seamless. Metro is here to stay so fix this MS.

      MS also needs to allow Windows 7 users download Windows Store Apps. That means having the New Design/Metro Runtime Environment a download/addin for Windows 7. The millions of Windows 7 would increase largely the interest for the Windows App Store that needs some love.

      MS can't screw up Win 9, or else they may R.I.P.
      • re: A few good ideas but

        "MS also needs to allow Windows 7 users download Windows Store Apps. That means having the New Design/Metro Runtime Environment a download/addin for Windows 7."

        I refuse to have my Windows 7 setup polluted by any Metro crap. Make it optional if you want but if they dare force it onto me, I'll reformat my drives and install another OS.
        • o, the ignorant rules the world

          Please, please do so now? Anyone ignorant enough to publish comments like yours, deserves to run a substandard OS. You don't deserve to run a Microsoft OS.
          • I wonder who's ignorant here ...

            Ignorance is putting a Tablet UI on a Desktop OS ... resulting in a Frankenstein OS. Now that's ignorant!

            If all you do is update your Facebook status then by all means use Metro ... we adults have actual work to do and we are not easily impressed by useless flashing tiles.

            ... and, once and for all, TOUCH DOES NOT BELONG ON A DESKTOP ... capiche? Look up Gorilla Arm Syndrome and educate yourself.
          • TOUCH ON A DESKTOP?

            Works very well for me. Have you even tried it?
          • @watever12: "Works very well for me. Have you even tried it?"

            no, dude, because I have a 30 inch state of the art matte finish DESKTOP monitor... gonna be touching that? Yeah right, LOL!
          • Touch on a Desktop?

            Once you use it, you won't want to go back to not having it. There are so many things where it just works; better than any other option.
          • I have touch but

            I still prefer to use my mouse. I have touch ojn my Note tablet but use it with my pen. Glad i've never lost my pen. Plus any Windows 8.1 user NEVER EVER has to see a Metro screen at all. What I love about Metro is you can just start typing the name of the App and click it and it will run whether is a desktop app or a Metro app.
          • Better OS

            "You don't deserve to run a Microsoft OS."

            You're right ... I deserve a better OS ... not a Fisher Price toy.

            I will continue using Windows 7 because it works very well and will look to upgrade to a better OS when support for it ends.
          • +1

            W8 is bloody awful in a hundred ways to Sunday. Only a masochist enjoys using it.
        • Then Don't

          Easy fix. Then don't download or install the proposed plugin.
      • Forgot to add ...

        "MS can't screw up Win 9, or else they may R.I.P."

        I would argue that if MS continues insisting on pushing Metro to users they will indeed be RIP. The market has already rejected Metro multiple times and enterprise will never go for it as it is a detriment to productivity.

        The best thing that could happen is that their current marketing push for the holidays bombs big time.
        • ...and the ignorance continues...

          Which "market" would you be referring too?
          • re: ...and the ignorance continues...

            Let's see ... MS had to take a write down of 900 millions on their WinRT tablets, their Windows phone market share is barely a blip on the radar, Windows 8 on the PC has been universally panned by all critics (and users) and adoption rate is very slow.

            Go educate yourself before accusing others of ignorance.
          • Adoption rate has been slow...

            And yet it's still being picked up faster than XP was back in the day.

            I guess that must mean that Microsoft was screwed back then too?
            Michael Alan Goff
          • adoption rate of XP

            XP was a great OS, but try to think back to the days before SP1 or SP2 was released and you will remember that XP did have it problems as well. I know many that refused to jump from windows 2k until sp2 was released.
            Jason Merk
          • "And yet it's still being picked up faster than XP was back in the day"

            um, heard about population and tech access in general growth, hmm?
          • re: re: ...and the ignorance continues...

            The adoption rate is slow? Really? Windows 8 seems to be loved be nearly everyone who has actually used it; it's been out for 1 year and 7 weeks, it has already surpassed the web usage of ALL mac OS X versions, is approaching the number of Vista systems in use, will pass XP before within a few years since that version is being phased out- then there will be two major OSes: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The write off on the RT version has absolutely no effect on Windows 8 because it isn't Windows 8! Windows Phone isn't a "blip"- at 4%+ it's in third place behind Android and iPhone, and gaining on iPhone. It actually leads iPhone usage in quite a few countries around the world and Windows Phone 8 is less than one year old! So, in YOUR words:

            Go educate yourself before accusing others of ignorance.
          • Forced Adoption

            One way ms and computer companies are pushing 8 is the lack of drivers for new systems for windows 7. I know a few people that can't downgrade to 7 because of this issue, so they are forced to use 8. Why does anyone need a touch interface on a desktop that doesn't have touch capabilities?
            Jason Merk