Here's what you can make with a mainstream 3D printer

Here's what you can make with a mainstream 3D printer

Summary: Staples and a limited number of stores will begin selling the 3D Systems Cube 3D Printer to the general public. But what can they do?

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  • (Image: Jim Kors)

    Urbee II

    Jim Kors is well along the development trail with another 3D wonder, the printed car. His three-wheel Urbee II is built from AVS plastic that's much lighter than metal. It's being built with plastic safety measures, such as a roll cage. Several parts can also be combined to make easier to build. See ZDNet's sister site SmartPlanet's report.

  • (Image: Michael Guslick)

    3D guns

    The biggest fear of 3D printing would be allowing people to print their own 3D guns and other dangerous devices. Amateur gunsmith Michael Guslik produced the lower frame of an AR-15 and used off-the-shelf products to finish the weapon — that works.

    The firearm in question is a .22-caliber rifle developed by Wisconsin engineer and amateur gunsmith Michael Guslick. Using his Stratasys 3D printing machine and blueprints downloaded from the internet, Guslick successfully printed the lower receiver — or frame — of an AR-15 rifle, and turned it into a gun.

Topic: Printers

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    Does the page really have to reload to advance each photo, really? Isn't there embedded viewers without all of the other stuff reloading?
    Frank Morgan
    • It's been like this for a while :/.

      It's been like this for a while :/. ZDNet is awfully slow when it comes to updating their Talkback system.
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  • Not yet

    No, not yet.
    I will wait till those that have to have the latest stuff lower the price.
    Actually don't have a use for one yet either and I am a repairman.
    It would be a fun toy though.
    Make a new face plate skin for the car radio or remote control, make custom letters and numbers for the house address, stuff like that.
    Waiting will also allow the creative people to upload some designs for people like me who do not have that sort of imagination.
  • God I *HATE* slideshow articles

    It's such a PITA to have to endure the read/click-or-tap/wait-for-reload cycle so many times to read material that could be put on 1 or 2 pages and navigated much more easily by scrolling. User-unfriendly in the extreme.

    Only a site that wanted to annoy its visitors would break up articles into many short pages, and that's exactly what poxy slideshows do.
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    No Linux support? Considering that Windows and Apple products are dying, at least according to Steven, isn't this lack of Linux support quite foolish?