Home laptop scheme picks up suppliers

Home laptop scheme picks up suppliers

Summary: Becta approves four more technology suppliers for the scheme, which aims to provide free intenet-connected laptops to disadvantaged families


The government has approved a second wave of technology suppliers for its Home Access scheme, which provides free internet-connected laptops to disadvantaged children.

The four new accredited companies are hardware and services providers DA Computers, NS Optimum and Stone Group, and IT distributor Micro-P, Becta announced on Tuesday.

Becta, the government's technology and learning agency, manages the Home Access scheme, which was launched by Gordon Brown in January. The £30m scheme provides a grant of up to £528 for families to buy computing equipment and broadband provision from high-street providers. It is designed to improve children's access to educational materials online.

"Gaining access to a computer and the internet at home will be a huge step forward for many children and families across England," said Becta chief executive Stephen Crowne in a statement. "By working with suppliers to provide quality services, we are confident that we can deliver a programme that meets the needs of learners today."

The four new providers join five suppliers accredited in December, which are Bli Education, Centerprise, Comet, Misco, Positive IT Solutions and XMA.

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