Hon Hai jumps on Firefox OS development bandwagon

Hon Hai jumps on Firefox OS development bandwagon

Summary: Taiwanese contract manufacturer will likely unveil a new Firefox OS device on June 3 as part of the partnership.

TOPICS: Tablets, Mobile OS

Hon Hai has linked up with Mozilla Foundation to help develop Firefox OS-based products, and it is said to unveil its first such device on June 3.

According to Focus Taiwan's report Monday, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer is the 19th company to partner Mozilla for its Firefox OS project. The two companies will announce the partnership formally on June 3 during a media event, it said.

Hon Hai will also unveil a new Firefox OS-powered device on that day, the report added. It cited an unnamed industry insider who said the device is likely to be a tablet.

Mozilla CEO had in April revealed the first wave of markets to receive Firefox OS devices this June includes Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. Another 11 unnamed markets will receive the devices before the year is out.


Topics: Tablets, Mobile OS

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    Looks like the only kind of platform that compete against Linux-based Android is ... another Linux-based one.
    • which is good

      Tizen/Mer/Sailfish would also be a nice company to them both. Web OS was another one. It wasn't open enough though. That might (partially at least) have caused its demise.

      Hopefully, ARM infrastructure becomes more open as a result.