Hong Kong from a techie's eyes: photos

Hong Kong from a techie's eyes: photos

Summary: On a lightning trip to Hong Kong, ZDNet Australia took a moment to travel the city camera in hand and document a sample of the technology the city has to offer.


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  • (Credit: Darren Pauli/ZDNet Australia)

    Technology is big here, really big. You could, on face value, sum up the city's shops in three words: Gadgets, Gucci and Gourmet.

  • (Credit: Darren Pauli/ZDNet Australia)

    Techies spruik HTC Android phones in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay station. Outside, hawkers flog somewhat spurious Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads. They were disinclined to permit a product test.

Topics: Networking, Emerging Tech, Hardware, Wi-Fi

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  • Ironically Octopus card was developed by ERG an Australian company in 1994. 16 year later, NSW commuter still waiting for e-card.