Houses linked up in Tassie NBN: photos

Houses linked up in Tassie NBN: photos

Summary: ZDNet Australia has obtained some more photographs of the National Broadband Network roll-out taking place in Scottsdale, Tasmania.

TOPICS: Broadband, NBN

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  • (Licensed by Digital Tasmania)

    A cable box set under a house's eaves

  • (Licensed by Digital Tasmania)

    The box is linked to the street's fibre via a connection point on the house.

Topics: Broadband, NBN

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  • A very Interesting set of Pictures.
    They do say that a picture says a thousand words,
    I will not try to say to much except to comment on some of the more glaring items.

    One happen to the old saying " Do It Once and Do It Well"?
    NBN should not be to proud about how many eggs they are breaking to make this Tassie Omelette. The underground work does not appear to be very well re-enstated looks like Cold Pitch lightly compacted.
    As for the hype about Pre Terminated leads form CORNING - well look at the home connection it will need to have a re -visit by a second set of John Holland Spectaclur Installation Crew (minus One) to terminate the cable and maybe some one else to insert it into the enclosure.
    Once again NBN need to be congratulated for their great ideas.
    Implementation is another issue.

    Maybe the next few sites will be coordinated a little better
    Good luck guys - " Gambate Kudesai (Battle On)"
  • If a tradesperson that I contracted did such a shoddy job on my house, I'd have them come back to do it properly before paying them.
  • I agree with peteru at least as far as the antenna mount job. It's quite obviously an existing mast (has rust, tape marks, etc) they have just lazily attached onto.
    Looks like the kind of thing I do at home when I need to quickly rig something up using parts I already have at home.
  • Wow you guys are a bit harsh.

    The picture clearly shows the job is not finished so the fibre has not been terminated nor has it been connected into the house. As for the antenna mount job how many homes have had electricity connected the same way and yet now, according to you people it's not good enough?? lol.

    These pictures just show what the rollout is like and how it is being done. I think it looks quite good and will look even better when its finished.
  • Having attended a meeting with senior executives of NBN Co. for explanatory build advice I am very impressed with the operational team and am sure they have the expertise and technical knowledge for the build.

    To things are concerning however, one the fact of placing cable on poles when underground would be far superior and the second question would be the attainment of the gigantic task of rolling the fibre to 5000 homes per day for the duration of the operation.