How about a master's degree in datacenter engineering?

How about a master's degree in datacenter engineering?

Summary: Is it time for datacenters to demand specialized degrees?

TOPICS: Data Centers

Come this fall, the graduate program at Southern Methodist University (SMU) will begin offering a Master of Science in Datacenter Systems Engineering degree. The degree will can be earned via in-person attendance at SMU's Dallas campus and/or a distance learning experience offered by the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering.

The degree, based around five core courses, will offer three areas of specialization:

  • Facilities, infrastructure and subsystems
  • Datasystems engineering and analytics
  • Computer networks, virtualization, security and cloud computing

The program is designed to provide an existing datacenter professional a multi-disciplinary approach to the specialized knowledge and practices for both technical datacenter operations and datacenter management. The focus is on modern datacenter engineering practices, with an additional focus on preparing students to take advantage of changes in the future of the datacenter.

With more than 50 datacenters in the immediate Dallas area, SMU feels that there should be no shortage of datacenter professionals interested in the program. The distance learning program offered by the school of engineering has been in place for almost 50 years, and allows for remote attendance to the live lectures presented for the courses as well as an archive of recorded material for the students.

To qualify for the degree program, students must meet the admission requirements of rthe Lyle School as well as possessing

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in one of the engineering disciplines: computer science, one of the quantitative sciences, or mathematics.
  • A minimum of two years of college-level mathematics including one year of college-level calculus.

The program will start with the 2014 fall semester.

Topic: Data Centers

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  • Isn't that what an IS degree is for?

    just set a track for data center. My IS masters had one for Database, Project Management, Medical Informatics, etc. Then there are electives you can take to round those out.

    Have no idea why you think they would need so much math, that's absurd.

    And frankly this is going to be such a shrinking field as data centers are consolidated into the cloud and massive amount of hardware and data are going to be managed by less and less people. This has nothing to do with the importance of these jobs or the pay they will get, simply that there will not be that many of them.
    Rann Xeroxx