How Google set a search trap for Bing

How Google set a search trap for Bing

Summary: The web giant has posted evidence to support its claims that Bing's search engine is presenting results based on those of its rival


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  • Google Bing search results

    Google sparked a war of words on Tuesday when it claimed that Microsoft's Bing search engine was copying Google Search results.

    To support the claim, Google fellow Amit Singhal has described the steps the web giant took to work out what was going on, essentially outlining its evidence.

    In a blog post on Tuesday, Singhal said Google's investigation began in the summer of 2010, when its researchers looked into an unusual misspelt query.

    Users were misspelling the world 'tarsorrhaphy' — a surgical procedure to partially stitch together the eyelids — as 'torsorophy'. Google's search corrected the spelling and offered up two accurate results — pictured above.

    "At that time, Bing had no results for the misspelling," Singhal wrote. But that soon changed, according to Google.

    Photo credit: Google

  • Google Bing search results

    Later in the summer, Bing's search engine began to offer the same top result for the misspelt term, without correcting the spelling, according to Google.

    "How could they return our first result to their users without the correct spelling?" Singhal asked.

    He noted that this was the moment when the team started to grow suspicious of Bing's search results. "Even search results that we would consider mistakes of our algorithms started showing up on Bing," he said.

    Photo credit: Google

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  • Microsoft may be saying that the allegations are insulting but I would say a better word would be embarrassing. Another apt work would be 'busted'.