How to check your OneDrive for Business storage space

How to check your OneDrive for Business storage space

Summary: As promised earlier this year, Microsoft has increased the amount of cloud storage space available for Office 365 business subscribers, from 25 GB to a full terabyte. Here's how you can tell how much space you have available.

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This week, Microsoft began rolling out a very big OneDrive for Business update. If you’re a subscriber with an Office 365 business plan that includes OneDrive for Business, your storage allotment is now 1 TB, a 40x increase over the previous 25 GB. (The original announcement was back in late April.)

To verify that your OneDrive for Business storage has received the update, sign in to Office 365 and check the Storage Metrics page, where a bar in the upper-right corner shows how much space is in use and how much is available.


Don’t have that page bookmarked? No problem. You can get to it in either of two ways.

If you have the OneDrive for Business sync client installed on your Windows PC (it's included by default with Office Professional Plus 2013, Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 Midsize Business, and Office 365 Small Business Premium), right-click the program’s icon in the notifications area at the right side of the taskbar and click Manage Storage on the shortcut menu.

That opens the dialog box shown here:


Click View OneDrive for Business Storage to go directly to the Storage Metrics page.

If the sync client isn’t installed, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to using your Office 365 Small Business, Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, or Enterprise (E1/E3/E4) credentials. (Note that the $4/month Exchange Online accounts do not include OneDrive for Business.)

2. Click OneDrive in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page. That takes you to your OneDrive for Business page. If this is the first time you’ve used this service, you’ll need to go through a quick setup step first.

3. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and choose Site Settings.


4. On the Site Settings page, under the Site Collection Administration heading (near the bottom of the second column), click Storage Metrics.

For an overview of all Office 365 business plans, see this master page.

Note that OneDrive for Business is not included with Office 365 Home (previously Home Premium) and Personal subscriptions. If you’re a subscriber to one of those plans, you’ll get 1 TB of storage at instead. That upgrade is due to arrive in July.

Topics: Cloud, Microsoft, Storage

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  • how about "TeamSite" storage?

    Several of us use "TeamSite" storage under the Sites menu (rather than the individual OneDrive for Business storage), so we can work on files together. Any idea how to find out how much storage is used/available there for our team?
    (I assume that's separate from the 1 TB.)
    • Different pool of storage

      Open your team site, then follow the same instructions (gear icon, Site Settings, Storage Metrics).

      You get 10 GB of organizational storage with your plan, plus an extra 500 MB per user. So my account, with two accounts, has a total of 11 GB of shared storage for team sites.
      Ed Bott
  • That's helpful

    I was just looking for that. It's well hidden. It looks like mine has bumped up to 1TB.
    Buster Friendly
  • Excellent

    I was looking for that as well. Mine has been bumped up too. Now, when will we see the 1TB increase for the personal OneDrive storage? I'm waiting for that to come down too.