How to get 20 percent off iTunes Gift Cards

How to get 20 percent off iTunes Gift Cards

Summary: The best deal on iTunes gift cards is from Bed Bath and Beyond which is offering $25 cards for $20 with no limit. Scoop them up while you can.

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How to get 20 percent off iTunes Gift Cards - Bed, Bath and Beyond
(Photo: Jason O'Grady)

If you're a Mac user odds are that you use iTunes. And if you use iTunes you probably have a credit card on file (who doesn't?)

Whether it's apps, music, movies, TV shows or books, there's no denying that iTunes and the App Store are great sources of digital content for your iPhone and iPad. 

Every year about this time I look for deals on iTunes gift cards and buy around $300 worth which I bank to use throughout the year. In fact, the time around Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the only time of year when you can get a discount on iTunes gift cards, and who couldn't benefit from 15 to 20 percent off things like apps and movies? 

In previous years I've seen discounts on iTunes gift cards at OfficeMax and Best Buy. Unfortunately OfficeMax is already sold out and Best Buy's deal is for 15 percent off ($100 card for $85) and doesn't start until Thursday at 6pm.

The best deal I've found is at Bed Bath and Beyond, which is offering $25 iTunes gift cards for $20 -- a respectable 20 percent off.

The offer is valid in stores only (here's their handy store locator), but it's available now, and there's no limit. I purchased 15 of them from my local store today. The offer is good until December 4, and it's the best deal I've seen yet. 

If you don't live near a BBB Target is offering $60 in iTunes gift cards for $50 -- also 20 percent off, but it doesn't start until Thursday (here's the circular). 

If you've got other Apple deals, hit me up on Twitter, use the contact link below or post them in the comments.

Happy hunting! 

(Thanks to Scott Barman for the tip!)

How to get 20 percent off iTunes Gift Cards - Jason O'Grady
(Photo: Jason O'Grady)


Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Really?!!

    I pick up $200.00 iTunes Gift Cards here and there throughout the year in Canada. That gives me an extra $50.00 for apps, books, etc. In fact I just bought several hundred dollars more because of Christmas gifts.
    Arm A. Geddon
    • How to get 100% off

      Buy a Surface 2
      • Buy a Surface 2

        And throw up trying to use the crappy UI.
    • Some cheap itunes web share

      If some friend need buy cheap itunes gift card code for movies or music or apps or tv show .I can share a save money web
      Hope can help your
      • better service

        I haven't had great service with them….try instead, they sends codes immediately!
    • suggestion

      you should buy from they have great prices!
    • me too

      I do the same through this website and they send the codes to your email so its immediate and easy to handle.
  • Uh, basic math?

    The Target deal is not 20% off but about 17% off. $10 off of $60 is 10/60 = 1/6 =16.666667% discount.
    • Uh, basic math fail

      You Pay $50 and get $10 free. $10/$50 is 20% you dont divide by the extra 10%, second grade math.
  • Netstrada

    Your story says about very time limited deal and once you catch it , employees do not want you sell more than one gift card. I can share that netstrada sell 5% off online , world wide and anytime emailed to you same day.
  • Affordable iTunes Gift Cards

    I buy gift cards all the time so that I can access the US iTunes store when I'm traveling abroad. has great prices and customer service! Just thought I'd share a good thing ;)
    • Fast and Useful

      This company sells gift card codes and emails them to you, which is better than waiting for it in the mail. Super useful. They're the fastest.