How to have the best videoconferences

How to have the best videoconferences

Summary: Top tips, tricks and best practices so you can hold interesting and awesome teleconferences and meetings


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  • Prepare for the meeting

    Make sure you do not waste people's time.

    Dump regular scheduled meetings that waste time and make sure your meetings have clear actions during the meeting that get results. Make sure that you distribute relevant information such as previous meeting minutes and project updates in advance of the meeting.

    Allow meeting participants time to absorb the information ahead of the meeting. Make sure that all prep work is complete so that your meeting attendees show up ready to dive into the essential agenda items.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Get interaction

    Grab attention by holding an engaging meeting.

    To stop participants’ multi-tasking, reading email, or disengaging from the meeting, there are techniques you can use to keep their attention. Ask participants to use the shared whiteboard or vote on a pre-prepared poll. Encourage comments and annotations on slides or ask partipipants to add notes to the chat screen.

    Giving participants an active part in the meeting every two minutes or so will keep them involved with the conference.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Hold video conferences away from the office

    Get out of the conference room and hold meetings in non-traditional places.

    Have a meeting in a park, museum or even a building lobby. The change of physical space can energize creativity and enhance collaboration.

    You can still connect with remote attendees through video-enabled mobile devices – ask your attendees to pick a new spot where they can connect to the meeting as well. If you want to get things done really quickly you cold even hold a walking meeting.


    Image: Wikimedia Commons

Topics: Hardware, Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0

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