How to hide Twitter preview images with AdBlock

How to hide Twitter preview images with AdBlock

Summary: Twitter surprised users by forcing an update that automatically shows photos and videos in timelines, and for some users this is a serious problem. Here's how to hide those images with AdBlock.

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  • Hide Twitter Image and Video Previews

    Twitter ambushed its users Tuesday when the social media giant forced an update wherein photo and videos are posted as fully visible on user timelines.

    Despite a chorus of "do not want" from Twitter users, the company has not been forthcoming in meeting the needs of those users.

    For more than a few people, the change made Twitter into a service too risky to use at work, around family or in public spaces - or in some cases, they've seen work-related material they're not supposed to.

    Users can turn off image and video previews in Twitter's ad-riddled mobile versions for Android and iOS - but not in desktop (browser) versions.

    There's a solution: Here's how to hide those images with AdBlock.

    Quick jump to mini-tutorials:

    This stops the nonconsensual preview action.

    But to see the image or video, you'll need to click the image or video link.

    Instead of previews being shown full-on in your timeline (like the screenshot above, but probably less fun) it will look like this:

    Twitter hide image preview

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  • Chrome AdBlock Options

    There is no need to download the AdBlock Element Hiding Helper - but you should (obviously) have AdBlock Plus installed on your browser. It's an excellent tool, so if this Twitter issue is your introduction to AdBlock, you'll almost be glad for the Twitter annoyance.

    Resist the temptation to click the AdBlock icon in the browser bar; in this case, the Easy Create Filter will only block one image at a time.

    In the Chrome browser, go up to Window > Extensions to open your Chrome extensions on a new tab.

    You'll see AdBlock Plus in the list (as above). Click AdBlock's Options.

    Click the tab Add Your Own Filters.

    AdBlock Options Page


    The tab for Add Your Own Filters will have a line where you'll add:

    Then click the + Add Filter button. And that's it!

    Twitter Preview Filter

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Topics: Browser, Apps, DIY

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  • thanks for the tip

    These days, company feel like they can annoy their users all they want since they know the users have virtually no choice.

    Can't wait for extensions on Mobile Chrome.
    • Don't Hold Your Breath...

      Don't hold your breath for extensions on the mobile version of Chrome. One of the most popular non-Google extensions for Chrome - if it's not THE most popular - is AdBlock for Chrome. Google is not about to allow users to turn off its gravy train, but it can't ban only ad-blocking extensions. Therefore, no extensions for mobile Chrome, period.
  • check how much Twitter pays to its employees
    Visa Square
  • Truncated gallery, last part missing.

    The last two views (four and five) are the same - while the actual #5 is missing and the instructions end abruptly at stage "show/hide filters".

    Please add the missing last bit (5 of 5)

    - Was I really the first one to view this gallery to the end??!
    • Final step missing

      Hi Toweri - I found the same - check the final step in the Chrome advice - it's there. Hopefully it will be copied over her soon
      • Now ok.

        Last step added now.
  • Weird article as much as your appearance

    You wouldn't have a problem if you had NOT posted any image or even used Twitter at all. No one is forcing you to use Titter and certainly not accepting to use it after these changes. You do know and remember singing (or accepting) a TOS when you opened that account in the first place. Did you or anyone else bother to read it???? Doubtful-which is painfully obvious by the story....
    • Thanks VioletBlue, really appreciate the help

      Twitter now usable again, thanks!

      As for Charles B (who I accidentally voted for being new on here, thought I'd have the option of voting against) - the only weird things are your own comments.
  • Not working anymore

    This doesn't seem to work anymore for me. I think Twitter has changed how the website works. Anyone have a method that works as of 4-12-2014?
  • Beautiful

    Works wonderfully even with Adblock Edge on Firefox 30.