How to turn your tablet into a mobile workstation

How to turn your tablet into a mobile workstation

Summary: Here the kit -- software and hardware -- that allows one ZDNet writer to work effectively while he's away from his desk.

TOPICS: Tablets, Smartphones

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  • Smartphone

    In my case, this is my iPhone.

    You might be wondering what I'm doing with an iPhone while I'm using my iPad. The answer is simple: it comes in handy as a second screen. Rather than flip between apps on my iPad, I find it handy to week web pages or documents open on my iPhone while I work on my iPad.

    It's a simple little trick that I find boosts my productivity tremendously.

    Image source: Apple.

  • Keyboard

    I do a lot of work using the on-screen keyboard on iOS, but nothing beats the speed, accuracy, and feel of a real keyboard.

    If you can find a keyboard-and-case combo that you like, then you might be able to combine the two, saving weight and improving ease of transportation. For me though, I prefer the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. At $69 these keyboards are not cheap, but you do get an excellent piece of kit of the money.

    Image source: Apple.

  • Battery pack

    One of the major drawbacks of relying on portable devices like the iPhone or iPad is that you're totally reliant on the built-in battery. Once that hits empty, you're done for the day. Fortunately, there are portable battery packs that allow you to keep your iPhone and iPad topped up throughout the day so they're always ready for action.

    One such portable battery pack is the New Trent iGeek. This offers 9,900 mAh of power and it compatible with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini (as well as any other device that can be charged from a USB port, so long as you have the appropriate cable). It's fitted with two USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously.

    It will set you back $65.95, but it will keep all your gadgets charged up and ready for use.

    Image source: New Trent.

Topics: Tablets, Smartphones

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  • Or...

    you could buy a Surface RT/keyboard combo and use the included MS Office and Skydrive. If you prefer making your life more complicated, I suppose you could fight with an iPad to try to get it to do what you need.
    • That is a fair point

      It would have been nice to see an in depth comparison.

      Personally, I would prefer a very thin and light notebook (11.5" screen and well under 3 lbs, with a good keyboard and track pad, mouse optional) AND a "phablet" with a BT headset. Total weight would still be well under 3 lbs.

      I wonder what the total weight of all the hardware is. The solution somehow seems overly cumbersome to me.
      • +1

        Ram U
      • Wow

        Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)

        Happy New Year!
        • StephenPhillip...did you hire Loverock Davidson yet?

          He's out of work and is in a bad way......he's trying to pay off all those Surfaces that he purchased at Christmas that given back to him because of Flashing Metro Tiles were giving all his friends migraine headaches. He hasn't had a hit on e-bay even at 50% off..... you could write Loverock Davidson at Zdnet if you want to buy his Surfaces real cheep................
          Over and Out
        • Just can't stop spamming, Stevie, eh?

          The only way you're bringing in $5600 is by being a boy-toy at a leather bar. Oh, and how's your mom doing?
    • Surface

      I'm so ready to get my Surface Pro when it's available and leave this iPad behind, and finally have a tablet that I can "use" at work.
    • Or not...

      The Surface keyboard does not do it for me. It sucks to be honest. I personally use an iPad with a Logitech Ultraslim keyboard case, which has the advantage that it works as a case and is ACTUALLY A KEYBOARD. Slim, 6 month battery, works awesome. As for those "pesky" microsoft documents someone else mentioned, I open and edit all of those just fine thank you. Evernote is awesome as well, and that jawbone bluetooth is flawless (for me anyway).
    • Really? all that extra stuff?

      75% of what you showed could be dumped if you just used an ultrabook for the light weight and battery life. By the time you added all the crap together it weights more than an old style laptop. Technology gone too far.
    • Or...

      You could have just bought a laptop - like an ultrabook.

      The moment you take a tablet like an iPad (or Android) and start grafting things onto it to get it to the point where it can be as useful as a laptop - you're almost at the same pricepoint as a good laptop.

      Why compromise?

      Especially with all the Win8/Dockables out now - a full laptop AND a full tablet. "Battery life!" I hear you say - photograph 6, I reply. He's already carrying around an external battery - get a slightly beefier one and problem solved.
    • AKH or Kendrick will never agree Surface is a good product, as its Apple

      Pathetic level of bias, on one side iPad is productive with keyboard + this + that + whatever but never see the same value in Surface.
  • Wow.

    "Those pesky Microsoft Office documents people send me".

    I'm shocked you installed Skype! :)
    William Farrel
  • How to turn your tablet into a mobile workstation

    My oh my that is an expensive mobile workstation. $820 for the iPad, roughly $100 for keyboard and case, another $30 for the bluetooth, you still use your phone so that's another couple hundred. Plus too many accessories. I'll stick with a $500 laptop for my mobile workstation. It can run a wide variety of apps, connect to the corporate VPN, and run more than one app at a time. I like to work smarter not harder.
    • The ultimate oxymoron

      LD and smarter
    • LD Please.

      Can you even attempt to honestly add the costs? The BlueTooth headset and phone dont count, nor really does a good car charger, given the utter suckitude of standard sub 1 amp chargers. Also your 820 for the iPad cost is insane, way to assume the highest price point.

      It would be awesome if you could post smarter, sometime.
      • He actually makes a good point

        As much as everyone hates LD, here he is correct. Even if we adjust the prices a bit and assume you already have a phone, this mobile workstation (ipad + accessories) is much more expensive than a more capable laptop. Even iPad + Keyboard and case is more than a laptop. An iPad with Retina Display (don't even try to claim an iPad mini would be acceptable) is at least $500. Keyboard + case is another $100. Look here:
        A laptop with more storage, a bigger screen, more ram, and a full powered OS for for $320. That's cheaper than an iPad 2.
        Patrick Aupperle
        • Patrick Aupperle .. more sence than a Surface RT with its rubber keyboard

          Over and Out
        • what?

          you act like the point is to buy an iPad and just use it like a laptop... this is something you can do with your iPad you already bought if you'd like, and still have the option of using it like a normal iPad most of the time too, and option you do not have buying some cheap big heavy laptop.
          • Except the point of the article...

            Is to justify using an iPad as a laptop replacement. It's not written from the perspective of 'hey - you have an iPad lying around - want to make it useful' it's 'you want to buy a tablet and use it for business.'