HP adds Mini 1000 to netbook lineup

HP adds Mini 1000 to netbook lineup

Summary: The company has launched three new netbooks in its Mini series, seeking to expand the line beyond the education market, and add a little style as well


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  • It may be hard to think of a piece of computing technology as stylish, but HP is trying to persuade potential customers to do so.

    Some of the advertising for the product leaves the viewer in no doubt that HP is chasing the savvy, stylish, international computer-bearer.

  • The HP Mini 1000 with MIE (Mobile Internet Experience) comes with connectivity software, so it's ready to work on the internet, as well as a strap-on disk to supplement the 8GB of solid-state disk that comes as standard.

    Users can add 2, 4 or 8GB more if needed, the company said.

    The company said the HP Mini 1000 with MIE, which is apparently aimed mainly at home and entertainment-focused users, will be launched in January.

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