HP and Google aim at small businesses with 'IT in a box' Apps SMBs

HP and Google aim at small businesses with 'IT in a box' Apps SMBs

Summary: HP aligns itself more tightly with Google for a new approach to SMBs.


With Android and Chromebook hardware under its belt, HP will now tap its massive reseller network to sell a Google Apps for Business and services bundle to SMBs.

HP is launching "IT in a Box", a blend of software and hardware from Google and itself, that HP's network of resellers to sell to SMB customers. To do that, the company has also joined the Google Apps for Business reseller programme. 

But HP will be doing more than reselling Google Apps to businesses. HP already has its Android hybrid SlateBook x2 and Slate tablet, as well as its own Pavillion Chromebook, so potential customers can choose either its Windows 8 devices or those aligned with Google's OSes. IT in a Box will combine technologies across printing and PCs that fall under the Printing and Personal Systems Group it merged last year

The IT in a Box package will consist of Google Apps, HP PCs, printers, management console, administration and customer support.

HP notes that more than five million business run Google Apps for Business, offering its resellers a sizable market to pitch new hardware and IT management services to.

It also notes that its aiming to eventually "encompass all the technologies SMBs need", which could of course include its other categories like networking.

The product will be released in July in the US and worldwide later this year. HP notes that SMB package will eventually deliver integrated consoles for resellers, IT admins and end users to allow easy access to the entire solution, including Google Apps for Business.

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