HP announces new company and brand for webOS: GRAM

HP announces new company and brand for webOS: GRAM

Summary: I thought I saw the last of webOS in 2011 when HP killed off the hardware, but it seems they are keeping it on life support with a new independent HP company called GRAM.

TOPICS: Mobility

Last year we saw HP kill off Palm and webOS after a frustrating final run by Palm. I still have a TouchPad that never gets used and gave up on webOS with most people last year. However, HP just can't seem to close the door and yesterday we heard news from webOS Nation that the webOS Global Business Unit is becoming it's own independent HP company called GRAM.

The announcement states, "GRAM is a new company leveraging the core strengths of webOS, Enyo, and our Cloud offerings as well as the firepower of our partners to create a technology that will unleash the freedom of the web." There really isn't much in the way of details at this time and it seems like GRAM is focused on the software side of things (read the intro letter on webOS Nation) so I don't think we should get our hopes up of soon seeing a GRAM smartphone or tablet.

What do you think of HP's new company? Are you tired of hearing about webOS and its continued lifelines?

Topic: Mobility

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  • One OS to rule them all

    The webOS is vastly superior to Android and iOS. I switch to Android and I miss it. So yes, we want to hear more. We want to hear that HTC, Samsung, etc will be producing a webOS based phone to kick some android butt.
    • Still like my Pre

      Every time I work with and Android or iPhone I am amazed at what it cannot do that the Pre does.
      • Such as ...


        Just curious
        • MultiTask - nothing else does it better

          Wish other could get that right
  • Moving to sell it off?

    I agree with Drew about the superiority of webOS -- my main phone is a Pre 3 -- but I think this move is just a harbinger to sell what's left of Palm to someone who has likely already shown HP an interest in it.
  • Wrong Name

    They should have named the company Palm.
  • After..

    ..Jolla bringing back Meego to life now this Gram project to support webOS. it's too soon to know where this all is going to end up but i find HP's decision one of the best they've made in the last two years. And i think it's smart to have buried Palm's name with a new fresh one.
    Looking forward to read further news about it.
  • WebOs forever or at least for now!

    WebOS and the palm phones do every thing I need to do why would I waste my money on another phone......oh and it's open source so I can do what I want with it with out some nazi applejack tell their god Jobs won't let me!
  • TouchPad

    Wait, you have a TouchPad that you NEVER use? Contact me away from comments, I'll be happy to take it off your hands. Waste not want not.
  • Let's DO IT! Go GRAM!

    Living in Hong Kong, haven't ever had a chance to try webOS, though my T3 is sort of long in the tooth and my aging eyes could certainly use a bigger screen and font, not to mention more ram & storage. I don't particularly care what they call it, so long as it's not iSomething or Android S.T. and has palm app functionality and simplicity and efficiency. (I'd also throw in an ability for the owner to buy and replace the battery in a simple fashion! cf Toshiba... )
  • My Palm Zire 31 sits lonely on the shelf

    Palm screwed its VERY loyal customers by offering no upgrade for PalmOS users - - replacement yes, upgrade no. They refused to even provide a bone by releasing a Windows 64bit USB driver.

    Screw ActiveSync. The best setup I have owned was a LOCAL version of Outlook (no Exchange server) and Palm's HotSync to its PalmOS devices. I had nothing against the PC version of Palm Desktop other than it didn't have an integrated email client.

    All Palm (or HP) had to do was give me a way to keep important PalmOS apps running under WebOS until suitable replacements came along. Oh- there was a 3rd party emulator - which would have added $100 to the price of the WebOS based device. No thnaks.
    Jim Johnson
  • Keep WebOS

    I just dropped my Palm and killed it. Now, I am getting a Galaxy to replace it. Not by choice, but that's what work is supplying. I love the WebOs.....still have a touchpad which I use all the time, but will miss having the phone.