HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9110

HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9110

Summary: The nx9110 offers a good compromise between performance, features and price for the mobile executive.The HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9110 is aimed primarily at business travelers, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it.

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There are currently no prices available for this product.

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility, Networking, Wi-Fi

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  • The reviewer is incorrect with the card reader. It can not take compact flash cards. In fact, it can not read SD cards greater than 512mb. None of this deficiencies are spelt out in the specifications provided by HP.

    The video card use of memory effectively limits available memory for programs. This means only 384 is available for Windows.

    Having just purchased one I do not recommend it as the quality of manuals is extremely poor, the card reader is not as advertised and service support comes out of India and is very indifferent.
  • Only as good as "Product of China" is !!
  • Battery Life

    replaced 2 batteries in 18 months
  • repacements

    i have replaced a HDD (underwarranty) first 6 months 1 battery in 2 years. I use this laptop all day every day.

    it is a bit heavy (getting throught Airport onboard luggage), but it is very reliable.
    I have not been kind to it, it has been on boats, in the NT outback and back in to 5 star hotels giving presedntations all in one day.
    For the milage i have clocked up on this ..i am VERY happy with its performance..

    disadvantage ..no CD burner(on mine) but i just plug in an external one .