HP Compaq Presario v3000

HP Compaq Presario v3000

Summary: An attractive multimedia notebook that won't break the bank.

first take In what comes as a surprising move given its heritage, Hewlett-Packard is beginning to make plays towards the fashion notebook market with the release of two products -- the Pavilion dv2000 and the Compaq Presario v3000. HP Compaq Presario v3000

Like its bigger brother, the dv2000, the v3000 is an extremely stylish notebook. HP has adopted an "in-mould" lamination technique (commonly found in luxury car interiors) to craft subtle pinstripe patterns into the chassis, which ensures greater protection from scratching and wear. From our limited time previewing the notebook we can confirm that the v3000 both looks and feels impressive.

According to Nicholas Lynch, HP Australia's Marketing Development Manager for Consumer Notebooks, "while functionality and performance are still key consumer purchase drivers, factors such as style and sophisticated aesthetics have become increasingly important".

Multimedia and entertainment was a key consideration for HP when designing the v3000. The most eye-drawing evidence of this is the row of touch-sensitive quick-launch buttons -- backlit by blue LEDs -- located just above the keyboard. These enable users to adjust volume, mute audio/video playback and launch HP's instant-on multimedia player feature.

In addition, the notebook boasts a 14.1-inch widescreen display, two omni-directional microphones for better quality VoIP calls, integrated Altec Lansing speakers and a 5-in-1 memory card reader.

The v3000 offers up an impressive array of ports, which includes S-Video for connection to a TV, three USB 2.0, one Firewire and an ExpressCard expansion slot. There's also a LigthScribe Super Multi 8x DVD writer for archiving your digital media creations.

Internally, HP has decided to go with AMD processors. Buyers have the choice of either a Sempron (1.6GHz or 1.8GHz) chip or a dual-core Turion 64 X2 (1.6GHz or 1.8GHz) chip. Multimedia buffs will no doubt choose the latter. Hard drive choices go up to 100GB, and you can fit the notebook with up to 2GB of DDR2 memory. Graphics acceleration is provided by an Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 chip.

Bluetooth, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and 10/100 LAN are all supported.

Being on the lower end of the multimedia notebook spectrum, the v3000 uses a fairly underpowered graphics chip, which means that the latest games won't run at smooth frame rates. DVD playback will be fine, but gamers should probably check out a higher-end offering such as the Pavilion dv2000 instead.

The notebook's weight of 2.4kg and dimensions of 334mm by 237mm by 39mm aren't hefty, but this is certainly not an ultra-portable notebook; you wouldn't want to carry it around in your backpack unnecessarily.

Windows XP is installed by default, but there's no option to include Media Center Edition instead. In conclusion, this is an attractive multimedia notebook that won't break the bank.

HP Compaq Presario v3000
Company: HP Australia
RRP: AU$1,699

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility

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  • Compaq Presario V3000

    I just bought this laptop and tested it with Ubuntu Dapper LTS. Everything worked great minus the gigabit lan and the wireless card. Broadcom makes drivers for Linux now, but I am unsure of the exact hardware inside the laptop.

    Sound, video, and other devices seem to work, but I just used the live CD. I am going to try a full install here soon.
  • drivers

    my vendor dosenot provide me the driver cd or dvd with the laptop. help me plz. i am in great problem.
  • linux in compaq v3000

    May be you are referring to Redhat. Redehat - older version may not recognize sata hdd.
    Try Ubuntu.
    I installed ubuntu in compaq v3000. Bt you have to wait for reliable Nvidia driver for ubuntu.
    As you have no good driver available in ubuntu, you cannot tap the widescreen advantage of compaq v3000 - making it look inferior to windows xp!
  • help

    sir please tell me the steps for installation of linux to compaq presario v3000.
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    will my US$1000 worth buying V3000?
    i need your comment pls...
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    Is this the the 3335 series
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    I work for a local telephone company 1 of my many jobs is installing DSL the bigest problem we have in Vista is Mcafee try shutting that down or even uninstalling it and it makes a huge diff. in speed of the system
  • Unable to boot up with added memory

    I bought another Kingston 512MB memory for my Presario V3000 and put it in the second memory slot.

    The Kingston memory code is KTH-ZD8000B/512.

    The laptop simply could boot up.

    I try the Kingston memory separately on the first slot and it works well.
  • windows xp & vista

    i just bought this laptop last weeks...
    when i want to install windows xp, it didn't work..i just want to ask whether this notebook compatible with window xp or not??? i'm prefer using windows xp than vista. vista akes my works go slowly....could anybody help me solve this problem???
  • XP vs Vista for V3000series

    XP is not compatible as it does not support the drivers for all the hardware in V3K series. I've tried installing XP..man! what a nuisance..It won't even recognised the harddrive using XP. U have to do a lot of manual installing and i solved most of my problem except my ethernet controller and wireless assistant. Try surfing the net for drivers if you are really intend on using XP. otherwise use Vista but be prepared on getting slow responses, 'hang' or have to reboot ur comp.
  • Hi...dude

    i also have the same problema.....
  • What a shame.....dude

    Try download the driver on internet.....or just buy it....
  • windows xp & vista Anonymous

    i just bought this laptop last weeks...
    when i want to install windows xp, it didn't work..i just want to ask whether this notebook compatible with window xp or not??? i'm prefer using windows xp than vista. vista akes my works go slowly....could anybody help me solve this problem???
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    dear sir

    iam not able to install linux on compaq presariov3000 so please give me the solution
  • Display problems with loading XP

    I bought a presario v3000 a couple of days back. I have loaded Win XP software but the display is not clear inspite of installing all the drivers. Can any one tell me whether presario v3000 with AMD dual core will support XP
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    Hi I have faced the same Problem with laptop . I have 2 suggestion Vista is not as slow as you think but the Problem would be the RAM , You need to Increase your RAM I did from 512 MB to 1.5 GB , then it was fine, still i tried installing the XP and I got all the drivers from the folowing link

    • Are wainchod use Windows 7 ultimate pirated version.
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    have u solved the Problem I too have the same .
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    i just installed window vista
    and all drivers are ok.
    but one problem is
    about sound..
    speaker is ok
    but in the front, the two plug
    one is for micropohone, and one is for earphone
    both of them are not working
    please reply how to do.
    help me
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