HP goes dirt cheap with $100 Android tablet

HP goes dirt cheap with $100 Android tablet

Summary: The 7 Plus uses a quad-core ARM processor and runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but includes just 8GB of built-in storage.


The $100 and under tablet market has mostly been the home of third-tier vendors, whose devices are as likely to be found at drugstores as at electronics retailers. Intel has been touting the promise of $100 slates using its Bay Trail processors, but we've haven't seen any yet from major manfacturers. Instead, its hardware partner HP has just rolled out a new bargain-basement tablet with no Intel inside.

Dubbed the HP 7 Plus, it's not to be confused with the HP Slate 7 Plus, which costs $50 more and features an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and a bigger battery. The 7 Plus is powered by an ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core processor instead and, at 5.5 hours of battery life, promises about 2 hours less than the Slate 7 Plus. Like the Slate 7 Plus, and the HP 8, it runs the older Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but while the HP 8 includes 16GB of built-in storage, the 7 Plus only comes with 8GB.

Not surprisingly, HP doesn't trick out the 7-inch display with Retina-like resolution, settling for a ho-hum 1,024x600 -- slightly lower than the Slate 7 Plus' 1,280x800. The 7 Plus also cheaps out on the rear-facing camera, which offers a mere 2 megapixels of resolution, and the tablet apparently doesn't even feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and with the 7 Plus, you're only paying $99.99. HP does throw in 25GB of lifetime cloud storage from Box at least. Does the 7 Plus offer enough for you to drop a Benjamin on the tablet? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below. 

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  • 150$?

    Where are you seeing this? At shopping.HP.com I'm seeing it at $150.

    Any respectable device could be worthwhile at $100, if only to do some basic web browsing, podcasts, Netflix, or similar content consumption. I could leave it in my bedroom or elsewhere for such purposes. The real devices are the ones I keep with me, but in the interest of conserving their battery I would like to have alternatives handy.

    And if HP takes it seriously and supports it then it could be handy for testing purposes (development, computer management, etc.). Diversity is good.
    • here

  • Good cheap device

    Hewlett Packard make greats products to price impressive, this is one
    luis river
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  • HP goes dirt cheap with $100 Android tablet

    Still about $99 too much for any android device.
    • Good Think the Market ignores MS Fanbois

      Seems as though MS continues to roll snake eyes in the tablet market, while Android keeps eating away at the Apple iPad market. Deal with it, MS has struck out for good reason, they have rarely understood consumers, the original xBox was a fluke, and shows what happens when traditional MS management takes over with the bruhaha that was the initial planned release of the current generation and how they had to 180 on many concepts.

      Same thing with Windows 8, complete failure, now MS is doing a slower 180 on many design queues. If there were any other answer, then Sinofsky would still be at MS today, and Ballmer would also remain as the loudmouth braggart that he was in the corner office.
      • MS

        What did Microsoft have to do with any of this? Nothing. You were ranting about them just to do it even though it was off topic. You are earning your linux stripes today.
        • Oh...

          Because trumanp blames everything on Microsoft. It snowed yesterday? Blame Microsoft. Chicago Cubs didn't win the World Series again. Blame Microsoft. Russia grabbed Crimea. Blame Microsoft.
          People like "him" need to grow up.
  • last years OS !!!

    HP is selling a 'new' device with Jelly Bean when Kit Kat has been out for 8 months!!! I have a HP 7 Slate Plus and it's not bad (not as good as my wifes Nexus 72012) but they have no plans to upgrade to Kit Kat so why buy it and be STUCK with an old OS!!!??? Stick to LG, Nexus, Samsung, ect.
    • So what?

      This whole "It's gotta have the latest OS" thing is absurd. With what Google is doing to external storage, I'd kinda rather have JellyBean than KitKat.

      Is there a specific reason you have to have KitKat or is that just a latest is greatest knee jerk reaction?
      • It's not absurb...

        OS updates have always brought new features, better stability, security updates, etc. While there are plenty of you happy using old OS' there are plenty of us, who for whatever reason like to have the latest and greatest and as long as you had a machine that was capable of handling the update, you could have.

        That is until Google entered the OS market. Their way of handling both Android and Chrome is that certain machines get it this month, some the next month, some years down the line.

        You're trying to act as if that's the norm? If you don't see the need for the latest and greatest that's on you. Yes I know there are people still happy with Windows XP but some of us actually want to run updated machines.

        I love my Android phone but the way updates are handled with Google's OS (Android and Chrome) suck!!!
  • Does it support a micro SDHC card?

    I have a "third-tier" 7" tablet from Azpen that I bought for $40 specifically so I don't have to carry a Bible to church. I also have a 13.3" Azpen tablet.

    I find the 7" and the larger (I previously had an Asus 10") fill different needs. The 7" is much more a "convenience" special-purpose device and the 10"+ units are general purpose. I wouldn't want to have to watch a movie on a 7" but the larger tablet would be fine for that. If the HP 7" supports a micro SDHC card it should find wide acceptance.
  • Dirt Cheap

    $100 isn't really dirt cheap while DataWind is selling $35 tablets. I know it's their low end model, but it seems to better fit the bill for the low end user.
  • Not to start another

    Debate.. but I think $100 for a couch web-browser is pretty fair. I can't see spending $300-$600 for a tablet, only to try and use it as a PC (buying keyboards, stands...etc). I was all about the tablets but have come to find that they aren't all that useful. So $100 feels about right for some reason.
  • What about Flash & Java???

    Any "couch browser" today should support those as a min since so many web sites use them.... The tab may support it, but generally Droid does not.
    But, frankly, I'm not personally in the market for yet another tab, whether cheap or otherwise - fixed income folks just don't have the kind of available cash to spend foolishly on that kind of stuff - it's bad enough just trying to keep fuel in the vehicle, food on the table, and still afford the limited health care we need with the compromises rampant in Medicare, etc.
    This kind of toy does not help with any of those issues.....
    • nahhh

      Less and less sites are depending on these technologies and even if they do, most have some type of work around.
  • Android versus W8?

    I have 2 Android Tablets at home and am about to get a Samsung Note 2 Android Smart phone from e-bay. Android it a fine O/S. It may not have all the power of a Windows system, but for a whole lot of people, it will turn out to be the computer of choice in the near future. It basically maintains itself in contrast to a Windows that can require a fair amount of computer savvy to keep it running OK. A couple of minutes after turning on an Android product, it is ready to go with all the apps requiring updating taken care of and notifications of e-mail and app notifications taken care of. I use both W7 and Android and realize they have different capabilities and use the one that is suitable for what I want to do. In response to the Subject line, I would rather have an Android Tablet than a Windows 8 computer. I think that a lot of us W7 adherents are sticking with that and using Android Tablets rather than W8 and will wait for W9. If that is not to my liking, I may stick with Android Tablets for the rest of my (short ?) life.
    • I'm in total agreement with you...

      When you don't have anything useful to do, do it in the most useless of OSes and most useless of tablets, those being the Android OS and the Android tablets.

      Any MS OS with any MS-OS-based tablet or computer, would be overkill for doing nothing constructive.
  • Can't give them away, huh?

    Another throwaway piece of crap Android device from the most overrated "tech" company out there.
    Sir Name
  • not worth $100

    This device uses old components with minimal specs. 1gb ram, 1ghz A7 CPU, low resolution display, low resolution cams, short battery life. Its probably the same device the no names sell for $50 Great gift for someone you hate.