HP hunts UK's oldest HP-UX system

HP hunts UK's oldest HP-UX system

Summary: Company says it will award a free Integrity server to the owner of the oldest HP-UX installation in the country

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HP has extended its hunt to find the oldest HP-UX installation in the UK.

The vendor has launched the competition to mark the fact that the operating system has now been around for 20 years.

The owner of the oldest system will win an entry-class Integrity server, a licence for HP-UX 11i v3, installation and a three-year Support Plus 24 Care Pack from HP. Everyone who enters the competition will receive a free 1980s retro console, which contains 101 arcade games.

The main rule of the competition is that the server must still be operating and ready to do an honest day's toil. HP says there has been "unexpected entry levels" and it has extended the closing date of the competition to 31 July.

Topic: Servers


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  • HP-UX is dead!

    Looks like HP is willing to give away an Itanium system to find out whos still using HP-UX! HP-UX is dead (or close to it) just like Tru-64, VMS, Alpha, PA-RISC and the slow sinking Itanic.